7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

From the more expensive the better to ‘game-changing’ facial treatments, most marketers, hairstylists and dermatologists will have an ulterior motive behind their opinions. Watch out!

What is a myth? A widely held but false belief or idea rigidly embedded in the minds of people. When it comes to our beauty regimen, there is a whole lot of advice, dos and don’ts and reviews involved to understand the effectiveness of a particular product or skin routine. In this fast-paced world everything is about making big bucks. As sad as it may sound, most marketers, hairstylists and dermatologists will more often than not provide an opinion with some ulterior motive behind it. Just as you are about to invest in a beauty item that has appealed to you most, your mother will say something that will completely throw you off and make you question what you are doing wrong. And this leads to the perplexity of who exactly to believe! While we can promise you we have no sort of hidden agenda behind putting our thoughts forward, here is a list of the most common beauty and skincare myths that are actually bunk.

Price over practicality

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

Think before acting! Why is it that products that drain our pockets are always assumed to be better than those that their cheaper counterparts? This is because it’s the human psyche – to believe that everything expensive is more fulfilling. According to the Paula Begoun, better known as the Cosmetic Cop, this is not the case. She tells leading international magazine Livingly, “There is absolutely no difference between expensive products and inexpensive products, and I say that unequivocally.”

Take the price point and the name of the brand out of your decision-making process. Instead, look at the ingredients list. No one knows what label you're wearing on your skin; what matters is the end result. Most beauticians believe that a moisturiser from a local drug store may be as good as or even better than that purchased from a fancy boutique. Both will more or less encompass the same ingredients, however the one from a well-known company will be priced higher only because the brand may have a popular and good reputation in the market. So ladies, do not judge a book by its cover or a skincare product by its price!

Say yes to facials, say no to acne!

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

No, it does not work like that. Period. Has it ever happened to you that a salon lady has advised you to book yourself in for a facial after noticing your bumpy, acne-filled or pre-menstruation skin? We can bet it’s happened to every girl atleast once in her lifetime! In the words author Leslie Bauman, writer of the book The Skin Type Solution, facials do not prevent or help in getting rid of stubborn pimples. In fact, she cited a research conducted in India which concluded that facials actually cause acne breakouts in 80% of people. "They feel good but have no long-term skin benefit beyond relaxation," she said, adding they are a complete waste of money. In this highly-expensive world, please have some sympathy for your hard-earned money! Should we tell you something funny? You must have heard chocolate causes acne? Well, it does not. That is a myth too. Bottom line about acne: Facials can cause it, chocolates don’t really!

SPF is for sunny summers

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

There is no hard and fast rule about sunblock being your best friend during hot weather. While we don’t blame people for thinking that way because it is called ‘sun-block’, SPF should be used on cloudy and cold days too. This is because UV radiation from the sun reaches the earth's surface every single day, whether the sun is out in full form or not. Also, don't think that you're protected just because you're wearing makeup with a certain amount of SPF. This is especially for those women who apply foundation during their getting-ready routine. Make sure you use sunscreen in addition to your makeup. We can’t stress more – it needs to be used on its own!

Hot water opens pores

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

Hot water is no magic! It does not open pores just as cold water does not close pores. Water temperature does not affect the size of your pores in any way. While it is good for removing dirt and oil, it does not make your pores larger. Cold water rinses will not make your locks shinier or reduce hair fall either. There goes another myth!

Pop your pimple!

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

If you want long-lasting scars on your face, then go ahead and burst that pimple! But the truth is that while it feels like the best thing ever to pop a pimple before a night out, this can cause swelling the following day. The inflammation can lead to scarring and spread under the skin. If it is your wedding day and you really need to get rid of that spot from hell, then invest in a comedone extractor, which you can purchase from several beauty stores. Instead of popping the pimple, you will just have to roll it on your face and your work will be done.

Wrinkles go away with anti-aging creams

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

Whosoever said this does not know jack about skincare! Anti-aging creams will not make your wrinkles disappear in a jiffy. They will only help to make them less visible by hydrating the skin, plumping it out and making it look better in the short run. Vitamin A–based drugs called retinoids, however, may reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen in your body.

Cut your hair and it’ll grow faster

7 Beauty Myths That Will Completely Throw You Off

Makes no sense right? How can you cut your hair and expect it to grow faster at the same time? What’s funny is that most people believe in it. They trust the fact that regular trims make the tresses healthier and so, it leads to rapid growth of more hair. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Haircuts and trims only help to get rid of split ends and make blow-dries look wow but have no real effect on growth rate. Roots grow from the scalp and so it is vital for them to be paid extra attention to first!

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By Manaal Khurram
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