5 Workouts That Can Literally Be Done In Kitchen While Cooking

5 Workouts That Can Literally Be Done In Kitchen While Cooking

If you're someone that can't find the free time in your day to do a work out, check out these convenient exercises you can do while working away in the kitchen!
5 Workouts That Can Literally Be Done In Kitchen While Cooking

With heaps of home chores on daily bucket list, exercise may be low on our priority. Especially for women, cooking is a daily routine as well as a struggle that one must go through. Running around all day trying to finish all the chores, get the kids ready and also get all the meals prepared? Many people struggle with squeezing in workouts due to ever increasing busy schedules so sometimes you just need to fit in a few 5 minutes here or there. If you’re struggling to find the time to exercise on a regular basis, there are some exercises that can be done even standing in kitchen while cooking.

1. Jumping Jacks:

Standing where you are, while entering kitchen go for quick 20 jumping jacks to make give your heart nice pumped u feeling. In a single movement, hop both legs out laterally as you swing your arms up over your head. Hop your feet back to center as you bring your arms back to your sides. Just be careful with pot on the stove behind you.

2. Calf Raises:

This exercises will burn your glute like no other. Just stand facing the counter or stove, your feet hip-distance apart. Engage your core and press through the balls of your feet to lift your heels from the ground, pressing yourself up as high as you can on your toes. Return to start.

3. Jump Squats :

Got down to check on your favorite snack meal being baked, use it as an opportunity to do a few squats while checking on the food. It’s fun to watch the food bake sometimes and getting an opportunity to avail it to good use.

4. Incline Pushups Against The Counter:

Another great filler for time in the kitchen is pushups against the counter. Do as many reps as you can in between the food being cooked and getting the dishes ready to eat.

5. Leg Lifts:

When you are reaching for something on a shelf or in an upper cabinet, do it on one leg while leaning over. Make sure you alternate legs, so you aren’t working one side more than the other. This will help you with your balance and agility as well as tone some of those leg muscles.

While most of women think that doing home chores is enough to be active to lose that belly fat but that’s not the case. It’s extremely important to take at least 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to give time to work out even if it means to be more active in kitchen.

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