5 Things We Love About Manushi Chhillar Who Was Crowned Miss World 2017

5 Things We Love About Manushi Chhillar Who Was Crowned Miss World 2017

Indians around the world are over the moon!
5 Things We Love About Manushi Chhillar Who Was Crowned Miss World 2017

Last night marked an iconic moment for Indians around the world. 17 years later, the spakling blue crown, made its way back to India as Manushi Chhillar was bestowed with the title of Miss World 2017. The last time we had the honour, was when the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra won the title back in 2000.
Our hearts swell with pride every time we watch the clip of Manushi, being crowned Miss World. Here’s the clip, take a look:

Understandably, social media has been going bonkers ever since the title was announced. With people singing praises of her mind-blowing answer to the judges question to them simply being in awe with her beauty, Manushi is the only name we can hear everywhere today!

Here are some things we absolutely love about the Indian gal, blessed with both beauty and brains!

1) She bowled us over at the questions-answer round

Known to be blessed in matters of beauty and her brain, Manushi had a fitting reply to the question she was asked by the judges.

Question: ''Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?''
Answer: A mother deserves the highest respect.It's just not about cash but also the love and respect that you give to someone.My mother has been a huge inspiration. it is the mother's job that deserves the biggest salary.

Her answer obviously won the heart of millions.

2) She’s the sixth Indian to ever win the title

Creating new milestones in Indian history, Manushi was the 6th Indian beauty to bag the crown. The list includes, Reita Faria (1966), Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (1994), Diana Hayden (1997), Yukta Mookhey (1999) and Priyanka Chopra (2000).

3) She’s beauty with brains

Manushi is a medical student from Haryana. She hopes to one day become a cardiac surgeon, according to The Times of India, and she took a year off from school in order to represent India at Miss World. Her father Dr Mitra Basu Chhillar is a scientist at DRDO, while her mother Dr Neelam Chhillar is the head of the department of Neuro-chemistry at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, so it’s only natural that Manushi is blessed too.

4) Her awareness of social issues

Manushi is very keen on spreading social awareness. She keeps educating people about problems related to menstrual cycle through her “Project Shakti”, her beauty for purpose initiative.

5) She’s a graceful dancer

With her parents 

In addition to being incredibly smart and beautiful, Manushi is also a beautiful dancer! She is trained in Kuchipudi, under legendary dancers Raja, Radha and Kaushalya Reddy. She even performed the dance in a high school in Sapporo City while on a cultural exchange program with Japan.