5 Survival Tips During the Sandstorm in Dubai

Here are the things you must absolutely do if you have to be outside during the storm!
5 Survival Tips During the Sandstorm in Dubai
1. Whatever you do, protect your respiratory tract! Cover you nose and mouth with a mask or a respirator, you just tie a dampened kerchief or a bandanna around your nose and mouth to filter out dust and sand particles. This is also the time to dig up those old motorcycle goggles. Irrespective of how funny they look, they are super efficient in protecting your eyes during a dust storm.
2. Seek shelter at all costs if you are not inside a vehicle. Look for any sturdy object. If no shelter is available and you are faced with no other choice but to wait out the storm, then face your back against the direction of the storm and again protect your nose and eyes from the dust and other objects being hurled your way. Make sure you moisten your nostrils with petroleum jelly to prevent drying up. 
3. Stack up on H2O! Water is the only elixir that will see you through this parching spell. When outdoors, do not forget to keep a moistened cloth to prevent your face and eyes from drying up, or in extreme circumstances, you could even spray water on the face and eyes. The point to remember here is that dust and sand particles can cause severe harm, causing skin to rip with abrasion and damaging eyes.
4. If you are driving in low visibility, then at the next safe opportunity get off the road and park on the side and turn off all the lights! This may sound crazy but it is simply the most logical things to do. Your headlights may attract other drivers towards you in low visibility, giving the impression that the road goes that way.
5. Finally, try and get to higher ground. The most concentration of the blowing sand is closest to the ground. Chances of surviving the brunt of the storm increases if you are above the storm.