5 Reasons You've Gotta Try The Chinese Food At Zheng He's
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5 Reasons You've Gotta Try The Chinese Food At Zheng He's

The reasons are as delicious as the food

Inspired by Chinese nautical explorer Zheng He, the restaurant named after him lives up to promise of providing a voyage into excellent food. With authentic celebrations and treats like the Lion Dance, Chinese New Year, Friday brunches etc, this place is one smooth sail. A perfect ambience, unique menu and the company of your favourite person. What more could one ask for? We give you five reasons to visit Zheng He for the ideal Chinese fine dine!

1)      An Elegant Ambience: The food can be as good as it gets, but eating it while facing the magnificent Burj Al Arab with the serene waters has a charm of its own! Dig into the finest food while enjoying the best view of Mina A’Salaam at Madinat Jumeirah, and let the charmingly lit up interiors intoxicate you. While the aroma of the food encapsulates you, the soothing oriental music blends right in and makes for a complete experience.

2)      Innovative Menu: You won’t find just plain old regular Chinese on this menu! There's a twist on the classics with a bit of neo-Oriental flair! With favourites like Wasabi prawns and Beijing duck on the menu, our mouths were watering as we stepped in. A varied menu to suit all, there really isn’t a dearth of options for your adventurous appetite!

3)      Lobster Preparation: This one needs a special mention for it's sizzled our taste buds and how! The meat is cooked to perfection and practically melts in your mouth. A serving large enough for two and wrapped in exotic spices, this delight is surely one you can’t afford to miss at the restaurant!

4)      Dim Sums: Ditto for the dim sum! It’s perfect value for money and a definite favourite! Start off with freshly made dim sums with the choicest sea food and round it off with inspired desserts such as chilled lemongrass jelly with dragon fruits that will definitely leave you craving for more. And all without burning a hole in your pocket!

5)      Service Extraordinaire: Ni hao! It’s always wonderful to be seated amongst staff who welcome you with a smile, take care of all your needs and provide prompt service. 

After all this, we know you couldn’t ask for much more. But the Chinese won’t let you walk out without a smile and a coveted fortune cookie! 

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