5 Reasons Why Your Eyebrows Are Thinning and How to Stop it

5 Reasons Why Your Eyebrows Are Thinning and How to Stop it

Follow these tips by Dr Ahsen Farooque from Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Abu Dhabi!
5 Reasons Why Your Eyebrows Are Thinning and How to Stop it

Not everyone is lucky enough to have thick eyebrows. On one hand, there are people who are just born with beautiful eyebrows, while on the other hand, there are those who suffer from thinning for one reason or another.

The good news is that there are ways one can stop his/her eyebrows from thinning, and gain back the thickness, according to Dr Ahsen Farooque, Hair Transplant Surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Abu Dhabi.


As we get older, our hair tends to thin out naturally, which also happens to the eyebrows. This occurs when some of the eyebrow hair follicles decide to rest, and keep resting as the years go by. This type of hair loss can be caused by genetics, diet, or some underlying disorder, but a drop in hormones is the biggest culprit as it affects the hair growth cycle. To manage eyebrows thinning due to aging, one will have to change their nutritional intake to support healthy metabolism of estrogen in their body, or they’ll have to consider seeking hormone therapy.

Telogen Effluvium (TE)

TE is a temporary form of hair loss that causes hair to fall rather quickly. It is one of the most common forms of hair loss, which goes on to affect the eyebrows as well in its most chronic phase. Hair thinning due to TE happens whenever there is a change in the normal hair growth cycle, which can come about due to certain medications, stress, or some health conditions. The best way to stop losing your eyebrows due to TE would be to find out the root cause of it by visiting a qualified dermatologist or trichologist.

Nutritional Deficiency

The popular saying about us being what we eat, also applies to the eyebrows. If you are consuming an unbalanced diet, or missing out on some nutritional powerhouses, then some of the after-effects you might notice include hair thinning, which also happens to the eyebrows. To curb this, you need to add essential fatty acids and vitamins to your diet.  You might want to include plenty of nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamin D, which will put your brows back on fleek.

Alopecia Areata

Also known as female or male pattern baldness, this condition is not restricted to the scalp hair only; because it attacks eyebrows as well. It causes them to have patchy baldness; and in extreme cases, it leads to the loss of the entire brow. This condition is characterized by some mild irritation, burning, itching and redness on these hairless patches, and an auto immune disease is thought to be the main cause. Eyebrows thinning or loss due to Alopecia Areata can always grow again after the auto immune disease has been treated. This is simply because when the hair falls off these patches, the follicles remain alive and are able to grow new hair in a few months after treatment. 


It’s a given that we all want well-shaped eyebrows. Tweezing is one of the most popular ways of achieve this, as it lasts longer. But what you don’t realize when plucking is that you can easily damage the follicle which can lead to permanent loss of hair on the brows. If you want to save your brows, avoid over-plucking them. On the other hand, if it’s already too late, and you’re tired of using a pencil on them, there’s always the option of eyebrow hair transplant, which is available at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches.