5 Nutritional and Healthy Benefits Of Legumes

5 Nutritional and Healthy Benefits Of Legumes

Legumes are a group of plant foods that contain a wide variety of nutrients and are not only healthy but are also one economical food for everyone to include as part of a balanced diet.

Legumes or beans as we all call it are quite underutilized plant foods that are great you're your health-promoting goodness to any meal. Vegetables such as beans and other legumes are an important source of protein and also great sources of resistant starch since they also offer protein, B vitamins, and other nutrients. Legumes or beans are also called “poor people’s meat” because they are inexpensive source of protein. Let's get to its umpteenth health benefits:


  1. Legumes are high sources of dietary fibre which help to keep our bowels healthy
  2. Being natural sources of carbohydrates, they make them a particularly good food for preventing and managing diabetes.
  3. Legumes are also made up of protein, making them an ideal base to a vegetarian dish or a substitute for meat
  4. Legumes are highly satiating food, which means it will help in refraining from eating unhealthy food for longer period of time.
  5. Some of the legumes have good sources of antioxidants, which means they contain free radicals that keep certain type of cancers at bay.


Eating Tips For Legumes:

  • Add legumes in your salads to amp up their taste and nutritional value manifolds.
  • Red beans are important ingredients in tacos.
  • Serve hummus (a low-fat dip made from chickpeas) with vegetable sticks for a delicious snack.
  • Make chilli con carne with beans, health in a bowl.
  • Small cans of baked beans make a great breakfast option.
  • Beans can be a great inclusion in lasagna or tacos.
  • Chickpeas can be used to make kababs like falafel.


A daily diet that emphasizes nutrient-dense foods like legumes and beans, or those that deliver a wide range of nutrients for relatively few calories, does more than provide energy, it nourishes your body and supports good health.

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