5 Netflix Shows Every Millennial Woman Needs to Watch
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5 Netflix Shows Every Millennial Woman Needs to Watch

Millennial women have not been forgotten on Netflix. Here are some of the best shows for you!

The best thing about Netflix is that it literally has such a diverse range of shows that you’re bound to find something worth watching. And we get it if you don’t want to watch all the dark and dingy TV series that are trending nowadays – life is tough as it is and sometimes a girl simply wants to watch something lighthearted, fun and made just for her. If you’re anything like us and want to watch other empowered women on the screen then go through our list of some best Netflix series for millennial women. You’re bound to find something worth binging over this weekend.

Good Girls

The name is ironic because these women are anything but good (actually, that’s debatable.) This crime-drama comedy series is hilarious and very entertaining to watch because it’s a classic case of good women gone rogue. Think of three women – a single mom, a perfect suburban mother and another happily married woman – who have had enough in terms of what life has thrown at them and now, they have turned to a life of crime. But it’s not as easy as it seems because what do these ‘good girls’ know about crime and getting their hands dirty?

The characters are endearing, the dialogues are fresh and the show moves very quickly and seamlessly. Also, the three leading ladies have great chemistry together so it will be a riot every time they’re in the same frame.  

Girl Boss

Which millennial girl doesn’t dream of one day owning her own business by doing the very thing that she loves? Sophia is a broke, rebellious girl who accidentally starts her own million-dollar fashion empire by selling vintage clothes.

But let us warn you, she isn’t the most likable character. You won’t be wooed by her charm or wit. In fact, you may be a little put off by the lack of it. But that only makes the show more endearing and if you need a little motivation, here’s one: the show is based on the real-life girl boss, Sophia Amoruso and her business called Nasty Gal.

Workin Moms

This show is a treat because it talks about motherhood in a way that has not been told to us before. In fact, our own mothers made motherhood sound like a dream. They told us that it’s the most rewarding, yet challenging thing they have ever had to do but they did it so seamlessly, without any hiccups and now when it’s our turn to become moms, we’re left wondering ‘what the heck is going on.’ But this show will tell you the truth, especially for the modern working mom of today.

Workin Moms features the stories of four, five women who are all friends and struggling to keep up with the growing demands of their children, their careers and their aging bodies that are simply not working the way they used to. The show has three seasons and the episodes are only 20 minutes long each. You can easily get through a season over the weekend.

Dead to Me

In a twisted way, this show is about female friendships and how sometimes, they are more important than other relationships in your life. If you share a good bond with another woman, it doesn’t matter what challenges you’re out through, your girl pal will be right with you.

Dead to Me is about a woman who has recently lost her husband to a tragic car accident and her friendship with a woman who suddenly comes into her life and things start to become a lot easier. Or do they? As the show progresses forwards, you’ll come across so many crazy plot twists that you’ll be stuck to your laptop screen, wanting to watch more of the show.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is originally a Marvel character so naturally, that means that this woman is a superhero. Well, at least she was once upon a time because her superhero career comes to a tragic end and she’s forced to find an alternate career. Lo and behold, she starts her own detective agency, called Alias Investigations.

Why is this show on our list? Well, for obvious reasons – it’s about a badass woman determined to make it on her own. But also because the show does away with showing well-behaved, demure women as lead characters and instead shows an ill-tempered woman trying to rebuild her life, and honestly, that is a lot more relatable for the rest of us. There are three seasons currently available on Netflix and the episodes are nearly an hour long so if you’re the kind that likes to really take their time with a Netflix series, then Jessica Jones is the perfect show for you

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