5 instagram-worthy restaurants in Dubai
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5 instagram-worthy restaurants in Dubai

Blogger Sachi Kumar lists the eateries that feed your soul and your Instagram account

Admit it! We have all once in our lifetime surrendered to the Instagram fad and visited restaurants just for the sake of taking pictures! The real question is how does a restaurant gain the tag of being recognized as “Instagram worthy”? Quite recently, restaurants have started expressing themselves through their space, food, presentation and design. They are attempting at attracting visitors and gaining popularity via Instagram, through the development of perfect photograph settings by adjusting lighting to photo friendly levels, creating aesthetically pleasing environments that are visually appealing, while building their individual brand and fueling their Instagram presence.

People flock to certain places to capture that perfect picture of; for instance, a giant ice cream cone or the perfect avocado on toast or even that extremely kitschy looking wall or the flamboyant mosaic tiles on the floor. All of this, for the sake of uploading the perfect Insta- worthy picture and grabbing all those likes.
From unique dishes presented in the funkiest ways, whimsical presentations and quirky interiors designed to create a buzz on social media, here are 5 photogenic restaurants in Dubai that you need to go to, if you are a complete Instagram junkie, like me.

5 instagram-worthy restaurants in Dubai

Black Tap

Set on the grounds of Jumierah Al Naseem, this restaurant has taken Dubai by a storm with its enormous rainbow-hued shakes and fanatical burgers that instantly bring the inner child in you. The industrial look with the amalgam of blacks and wooden brown interiors is the perfect setting for a ubiquitously Instagrammed event.

5 instagram-worthy restaurants in Dubai


This contemporary, Emirati joint has been a rage since my college days and is definitely one of the most instagrammable places in Dubai.  Right from the interiors wallpapers’ displaying caricatures of Arab women eating burgers to high stools upholstery with Traditional Arab men and women caricatures, this place spells quirky like no other. When you do break away from your phone, try out their “Mona Lisa” pasta, for it would be a crime not to!

5 instagram-worthy restaurants in Dubai

Serendipity 3

An iconic New York restaurant, Serendipity is known for its ginormous and gluttonous desserts. The whimsical menu, the tiffany pendant lamps, the ceiling lighting in form of paraols and candy floss, bring a smile to your face, as soon as you walk in. It’s all about making happy discoveries here and when you do, do share it with me, through pictures, of course.

5 instagram-worthy restaurants in Dubai

The Sum of Us 

Sum of Us is an artisan space that is brimming with creativity and innovation. It’s a journey of discovery right from the industrial look and feel with concrete floor, exposed pipes and wooden tables to the wholesome food. The dishes are dynamic and intriguing that come in pretty pastel crockery, that feed you, and your Instagram feed.

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