5 Guilt-Free Ways to Pamper Yourself

5 Guilt-Free Ways to Pamper Yourself

A little me-time is a MUST. Do not neglect yourself in the mad rush to make it big


It’s 6:00 am. The alarm clock goes off. Maria wakes up with a start, disoriented and confused. She was in the middle of a great dream, on her pending trip to Hawaii (for 4 years now), reading her favourite book by the beach and enjoying a nice foot massage. The dream is over now. Reality sinks in and she rushes to the kitchen to make her family’s meals.

Her head is hurting, whether out of anxiousness or just two hours of sleep, she cannot say. She has a big presentation at work today. She puts her coffee kettle on while she prepares breakfast. She loves the smell of hot coffee. That one moment where she can take the aroma in from her favourite mug her mother gifted her. It refreshes her completely.

She cannot wait for it, especially today. While the coffee is brewing, she gets everybody’s clothes ready and wakes everyone up. Her elder daughter is a heavy sleeper and this takes a while. Finally, they’re all up and getting ready so she can go have that coffee. Just when she’s about to sip her steaming hot cup of coffee, her youngest daughter, Annie calls out. She needs last-minute help with a project. She wraps it up and is about to go back to the kitchen when her colleague calls. There are a few changes to be added that require her immediate attention.

She hands over stuff to her husband. He’s doesn’t have great memory and often misplaces things. He has an important meeting too and has been up all weekend working for it. He helps her pack the meals, quickly has his breakfast and rushes out the door apologizing. He cannot drop the kids to the stop today. She gets really annoyed but, she understands. In the kitchen, the kids are fighting over the maple syrup and she has to intervene. Finally, she drops them off. She quickly rushes home and gets dressed for work. She cannot be late.

She leaves and gives one deep, longing look at her cup of coffee, lying at the side, cold and without any aroma. She pours it into the sink. Again. It’s getting late anyway!

How many people have gone through something similar?

How many people have let go off such simple pleasures?

How many people have actually felt that this is okay?

The answer is – Way too many people.


Although, this may seem like a very small thing that Maria had to let go off, the problem lies with the attitude behind it. The day we start thinking it’s okay to let go off things we really care about deeply – no matter how small, we start on a road to taking ourselves for granted. It is these small things that lead to bigger things.


It is psychologically proven that the things we let go repeatedly stay at the back of our minds. They become agony points for the body and soul. They not only reflect in our mental health but, also take forms of diseases and disorders that can be prolonged. They question the very core of how much value we attach to ourselves.


1) Start by giving the activity lesser time in the day: It could be as less as even 20 minutes (minimum advisable) upto 1 hour depending on time available.

2) Make it a part of your daily schedule: Plan your day with this particular activity a part of it and not as an optional thing.

3) Do it alone: Use the time or period of the day where you can do it with minimum distractions and thus, minimum guilt.

4) Make Notes: Write a list of 3 things that justify why you deserve this time. Keep reading it.

5) Speak of it as priority: How you perceive this me-time is how people will too. Speak of it as non-negotiable and believe that it is important.

This will take time to adapt and get used to. But this will go a long way in building self-worth and happiness. We all need a reminder from time to time. In some cases, the reminder just has to come from within!

INFO: Kreena Desai is a life coach who guides people in achieving effective solutions and attainment of goals through the right blend of practicality, positivity and faith in one's good destiny. She believes human behaviour and the subconscious when aligned with the forces of nature can do wonders in helping one realize his/her dreams. Kreena can be contacted on 0091 9967422329 or email id: astrokreena@gmail.com

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