5 Basic Faux Pas to Avoid In the Cinema

5 Basic Faux Pas to Avoid In the Cinema

Here are 5 things you MUST avoid whenever you go to the cinema

You know that feeling when you are enjoying your favorite movie and binging o caramel popcorn while sitting in a cinema while people keep annoying you even when the movie has started and the lights have gone down. At that moment you feel irritated yet helpless at the same time for the faux pas that has been made unintentionally. To curtail such behaviors that can bother fellow patrons sitting in a cinema, I have decided to write a list on courteous habits that if followed can be an enjoyable and hassle-free experience for the moviegoers.

1. Enter The Theatre On Time

Not just for movies, arriving on time anywhere should be a basic practice that gives a lasting impression as well. It’s advisable to show up at least 15 minutes before the show begins which gives you ample time to buy your popcorn and your favorite drink and be seated without having to disturb everyone. This is how you won’t be annoying moviegoers when they are watching the show or miss any of the movie yourself too.

2. Show Courtesy While Seated

No it’s not a footrest for you so do not, I repeat, do not put your foot on the back of the seats or worse between the seats. This is unhygienic and disrespectful. Plus if you have a habit of shaking your legs which is extreme rude habit, this is seriously going to be irksome for the person sitting in front of you. Secondly sharing an armrest can be quite tricky. So if it’s an elder person sitting beside you, let him rest his arm but if the space is spare then you can keep your arm as long as you are comfortable. Just need to understand other person body language.

3. Do Not Bring Your Babies

I do not know how to emphasize on this point but do not bring your babies to theatre. You may be looking for some much-needed respite and a movie is just the thing to turn your tired holiday mood around, but bringing a baby with you may result in an early exit

4. Keep Your Cell Phones Silent

Please put your phone away during the movie. It’s a common courtesy to not to take up a call and if it is something very important just say “excuse me” and leave the theatre. There is a reason why they say No texting, no talking or tweeting.

5. Refrain from Saving Seats

You are allowed to save seats up until the preview. Do not save seats or complete rows for people who may or may not show up or have no courtesy to arrive on time. Secondly it's completely unethical to ask people to move seats because you want to sit with your friends. That is a big no no.

By following these five easy expectations everyone should enjoy a much needed break from the monotony of everyday life and escape into another world. A world without stinky feet, crying babies, loud candy and lack of boundaries. Let’s pledge to not ruin someone entertainment time with our lack of basic etiquettes because we at the end day are respecting every moviegoer coming to spend some quality time.

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