5 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

5 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

With the onset of the winter season, we are sure to get inflicted with seasonal flues and fevers. But worry no more! Clove essential oil can sort all your winter blues. Let's get to know its amazing health and wellness benefits.

Clove oil is an essential oil that’s derived from clove trees. The clove tree, known as Syzygium aromaticum, is native to Southeast Asia. Clove oil is produced by distilling the dried flower buds that are collected from the clove tree. Clove or laung is quite a common ingredient in South Asian cuisines and it holds great importance traditionally even in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Apart from adding flavour and aroma to your curries and biryani, people use its oil, leaves, stems and dried buds for various medicinal and health purposes.

Today clove oil holds significant importance, not just for its medicinal properties but mainly because it has anti-bacterial properties that can be amazing for the skin also. Curious much? then read below to know amazing skin hair and health benefits of clove essential oil.

1.      Fights Acne, Lightens Blemishes And Scars:

5 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

It is easily one of the most desired essential oil in the cosmetic industry today. Whether you are prone to acne or have the occasional breakout during the month, clove oil is your go-to cure. It also works as mild chemical peel and helps you get rid of blemishes and scar and exfoliates dead skin gently, making your skin look healthier and clearer. It truly helps in reviving the youthfulness of your skin. So what are you waiting for? Include this essential oil immediately to reap its amazing benefits.

2.    Clove Oil Is Anti-Ageing:

5 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

Clove oil can help fight signs of anti-ageing too, just dab few drops of clove oil on to a piece of cotton and apply it on to your face at least twice a day. You would see a marked change as far as wrinkles, and sagging skin is concerned. Clove essential oil is also is a key ingredient in the cosmetic industry. This oil is used in making soaps because of its antiseptic properties and soothing effect.due to its charismatic aroma, it is also used in making perfumes.

3.    Reduces Hairfall And Is A Natural Hair Conditioner:

5 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

This liquid wonder can also give you beautiful locks. Applying clove oil on your scalp boosts blood circulation which reduces hair fall, covers bald spots, and also promotes hair growth. It also lends the much-needed shine to dry and dull hair. A small amount of clove oil mixed with olive oil works wonder as a hair conditioner. For best results, apply the mix on damp hair, and wrap a warm towel around it. Let it stay for twenty minutes and rinse with cold water.

4.    Fights Sore Throat, Cough And Cold:

5 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

For its high anti-inflammatory properties, clove oil can come handy during times of sore throat, cough, cold and sinusitis. Consuming the excellent expectorant clove oil can not only clear the nasal passage and gives you respite from respiratory problems but it also has a cooling effect on nasal cavity and throat.

5.      Perfect For Dental Care:

5 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

Traditionally we have seen our elders use cloves to cure toothaches. Even today if you check the labels of the toothpaste, you will find clove or clove oil to be the essential ingredient in them. Due to its powerful germicidal properties and a compound called Eugenol, clove oil fights dental pain, toothaches, sore gums, and mouth ulcers very effectively. Due to its strong aromatic properties, gargling with clove oil and warm water can help you get rid of bad breath.

With these five major benefits of clove essential oil at your fingertips, it’s not hard to see why the oil is so beneficial for you. The benefits that you can reap from the use of clove oil are many more than those listed above. Add the oil to your skincare regime, use it in your hair and find out all the ways in which you can benefit from the oil.

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