4 Ways To Get More Quality Sleep At Night

4 Ways To Get More Quality Sleep At Night

We’re all busy and it’s a hectic season and you may find yourself not getting the right amount of sleep. Here are 4 sure-fire ways of getting the best possible sleep every night

In the day and age when life gets so hectic and busy, it can get really hard to fall asleep at night. With so many things on our plate and so much to get done, our daily routines can many a time wreak havoc on our sleep. Do you find yourself staying up till the late hours of the night checking your phone and emails? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to find that you’ve only been sleeping for three hours? Both internal and external factors can be the cause of disturbed sleep, meaning that you wake up tired and not fresh.

Modern day life most certainly ignites stress hormones that keep us in a state of perpetual arousal. Here are a few ways you can cut down on common stressors to get more sleep every night.

1. Manage the device addiction

In this day in age, there’s very few of us who can go a full 30 minutes without checking our phones. We constantly switch from one social media platform to another, seeing what our friends are up to and what’d going on in the world around us. The use of mobile phones and electronic devices has really affected our sleep patterns and how we sleep throughout the night. The solution is simple! To ensure a good night’s sleep, put your phones on silent and stop using them at least an hour before hitting the bed. This will give your brain the time to realise that it is time to start shutting down and you will definitely sleep better, that’s a promise!

2. Don’t stay late at work

4 Ways To Get More Quality Sleep At Night

There is a widely accepted belief that if you want to get all the work done, you have to stay up or at work to get the job done. However, working right up until bedtime is a big no no and should be avoided at all costs. Go home at a reasonable hour, get some rest and you can always pick up where you left off the day before. Working right up until the time you go to sleep means that your ability to concentrate the next day will be lower. If you get a good night’s sleep however, it will increase your ability to concentrate and this means that you can work faster-and more accurately.

3. Prioritize sleep (and yourself)

It can sometimes feel that our culture has begun to view the need for sleep as a sign of weakness. It’s the new macho-and women are buying into it big-time. But your body was genetically programmed to spend one-third of its life asleep and to sleep in specific cycles of light sleep, deep sleep, and active-brain sleep. Each cycle takes 90 minutes, and each has a specific assignment that affects thinking, memory, growth, your immune system, and even your weight. Trying to tuck anything that important into an hour here and an hour there just won’t get the job done.

4. Don’t watch the late night news

4 Ways To Get More Quality Sleep At Night

You might be someone who likes to watch the late night news before hitting the sack but late night news most often features news pertaining to murder, inhumanity and mayhem which are bound to turn on every arousal mechanism your body has. This is not going to allow you to have a peaceful sleep. Ditch the late night news and save it for the morning when you’ll need the adrenalin rush.

With that being said, all you have to do is follow these steps to ensure you get the right amount and more importantly, quality, of sleep. Get into the habit of sleeping on time for a more productive you in 2020.

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