4 Things To Think About Before Getting Acrylics

4 Things To Think About Before Getting Acrylics

Here’s everything you should know before handing your nails over to a nail technician

Yes, every member of the Kardashian clan has them, yes they make your hands look super pretty and yes they’re trending among celebrities and in the beauty world, but you may want to read about all the reason you should not be thinking about getting acrylic nails.

More than anything, acrylic nails are a pain to get on and will wreak havoc on those delicate cuticles. Here’s four reasons you should think about before getting those falsies!

1.They’re uncomfortable

If you’re not used to having your nails done, then be warned, acrylics are uncomfortable. Even the process of having them put on is uncomfortable and your nails will go through an intense process. Be prepared for the drill machine that is used which will damage and tear your cuticles and the skin around it.

2. Forget about doing basic tasks

The most menial of your daily tasks will become a mission once you have those acrylics on. Texting, typing, dialling a number or even doing the dishes will become a pain. If you do however insist on getting them, then keep them short so you don’t make 10 typos in one sentence.

3. They require constant maintenance

Nails grow, and your acrylics will grown out with them. They will require regular maintenance for them to look as good as they did on the day you first got them. Celebrity manicurist Bethany Newell recommends getting them filled every other week! "Sometimes moisture can get under the acrylic, which can cause fungus," she warns. In that case, you'd have to have the acrylic removed and then reapplied. "In mild cases the fungus can be buffed away and treated, while in other cases the recommendation would be to leave the nails acrylic-free for a while to heal the nail," she says.

4. They aren’t cheap

Getting your acrylics filled every other week is definitely going to rack up the bill. Ensure your monthly budget allows for the upkeep of your acrylics. Do your research before you choose your nail bar to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

If we still haven’t swayed your decision to get acrylics then so be it. But make sure you can financially commit to it, especially if you plan on having them on for a long time.