4 Things That Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Considers While Buying a Watch
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4 Things That Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Considers While Buying a Watch

And… 4 things that you must consider

“A watch to a woman is an accessory that is of prime importance. Not only does it echo her personality, but it also reflects her values and speaks volumes of what she stands for”, says Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. And when it’s one of the world’s most beautiful woman saying these words, who are we to disagree?

The actress visited the Longines store at the Dubai Mall in January and amidst a sizable crowd swooning over her, launched a new collection of the brand. Dressed in royal blue Mark Bumgarner couture (that predictably scorched social media accounts of fashion enthusiasts), Aishwarya looked every bit classy which fit perfectly with what the luxury brand, Longines stood for.

As she reminisced about her 18-year long relationship with the Swiss brand, Aishwarya let us in on her secret tick boxes while choosing her many timepieces that make up her personal collection.  Read on for that’s what YOU need to focus on too while buying your next time-piece


1) The story behind the timepiece. Aishwarya said, “Associate yourself with a brand that embodies what you stand for.” Her association with Longines is treasured by the actress as it reflects history and tradition that is most close to her too.
2) Attention to craftsmanship: According to the actress, every watch has a story to tell, and paying attention to detail is one of the prime factors while selecting a watch.
3) Chose simplicity over screaming out for attention: Aishwarya believes less is more, and the breathtaking Longines classic on her wrist echoed just that.
4) Match it with your overall look: Aishwarya looks for a watch that dictates her look of the day, not the other way around. 


Ash has had her say but we put together our own checklist to glance over before zeroing in on that perfect watch. Mind it, you need not spend a fortune (though of course, it would be great if you could!) but select a timepiece that makes a statement in more ways than one. 

1) The perfect fit:  Look for a timepiece that fits your wrist as if it were always designed to lay there.
2) Know your style and stick by it: While it’s always nice to experiment every once in a while, wearing a style that best defines your personality, is the right way to go. For eg: if you like the vintage look, look for at least an element of vintage when you shop. This will define your personality even if you change your watch brand.
3) Neutral toned timepiece: Considering you plan to really invest on that watch that’s been on your wish list since forever, pick it in a neutral colour. This will ensure you can wear it with almost every look you desire.
4) The WOW factor: Whether you’re a classic girl or one that likes to make a statement, look for that one factor that’ll make sure you never want to leave your watch back on its stand.

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