4 Things Ranveer Singh Should Be Proud of

The actor celebrates the long way he has come since his debut!
4 Things Ranveer Singh Should Be Proud of

Ranveer Singh

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Trust Ranveer Singh to make a song and dance about everything in his life. He recently debuted on Instagram celebrating four years in Bollywood (why four, why not 5 we wonder but well….). The actor has indeed made quite a splash as we see from his images. But Ranveer deserves all the attention he is getting. One of the most exciting actors on the scene today, he is the proverbial ‘outsider’ who has made a name among the big guns with his sheer energy, talent and ability to play his cards right. Of course, success is Bollywood is all about a combination of factors and Ranveer seems to have cracked the formula. So what are the things that the actor has done right in his journey so far? We pick four highlights of his career and personal life that have contributed in making him such a big hit. 
1. His YashRaj Connection 
Few actors made the impact that Ranveer did with Band Baaja Baraat. A new director, an unusual script and a relatively new heroine… the odds were against him but YashRaj’s excellent marketing and his own fantastic performance grabbed eyeballs. YashRaj is known to promote talent but mostly these are tried and tested names or star kids. Getting into Adi Chopra’s good books was a masterstroke and he has indeed impressed the bosses at the studio. Their faith in him was reinforced when he made Gunday a big hit. 
2. His Varied Link-ups 
Aside from being a good actor, it’s equally essential to have an interesting personal life to sustain interest in you. Ranveer’s link-ups have always managed to make news. Be it Anushka Sharma then or Deepika Padukone now, the actor inevitably makes headlines for his romantic liaisons. He has never admitted to any of his relationships yet leaves enough and more clues to keep everyone guessing. His chemistry with Deepika (which he never fails to boast about) definitely played a huge role in making Ram Leela such a blockbuster. Even now, every news about Deepika and him is eagerly lapped up by the media and fans. 
3. His Choice of Films 
We thought he was best at masala films but then came Lootera which showed a different side to him altogether. It was a bold and unconventional choice but Ranveer managed to spring a surprise with his very mature performance. So while his detractors may accuse him of being too much of an attention-seeker, fact is, Ranveer can act and prove his mettle in different genres. So his success is well-deserved. 
4. His Ability to Charm 
Ranveer has the knack to straddle different camps. Not everyone can work with a taskmaster like Sanjay Leela Bhansali but he managed to impress the maverick director so much that he was signed up for his magnum opus Bajirao Mastani beating several other contenders to the post. This even resulted in a bit of a fracas with Karan Johar (Bhansali’s nemesis who wanted Ranveer for Shuddhi at the same time) but Ranveer chose to go with his Ram Leela director. And finally Ranveer managed to placate both, Kjo and Sanjay. Not an easy task but that’s the charm of Ranveer Singh. With such incredible skills Ranveer indeed is here for a long innings in the industry.