4 Pakistani Dramas That Could've Been Instant Successes – But Weren't
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4 Pakistani Dramas That Could've Been Instant Successes – But Weren't

The Pakistani drama scene has been in a refreshing phase with several dramas of quality released all at once. However, while these shows should have been on the list, they turned out to be disappointments

Big budget production houses, big-name actors/actresses, great writers, good music – these are all the ingredients for a successful drama (or a film).  However, shows do not always pan out as expected nor can hype create a success without solid content.  Here are some of the shows that were expected to be great this year, but have been airing with little attention.

Daasi (Hum TV)

4 Pakistani Dramas That Could've Been Instant Successes – But Weren't

Directed by Mohsin Talat, written by Misbah Nausheen and produced by Momina Duraid productions, “Daasi” is a show that arrived on the scene with a lot of buzz.  Adeel Hussain’s first show since Mehreen Jabbar’s “Jackson Heights,” this was touted as a comeback of sorts for him.  Adding to this, his fresh pairing with Mawra Hocane and the inclusion of Furqan Qureshi, Faryal Mehmood, Hina Bayat and Adnan Jaffar, “Daasi” had success written all over it.  Unfortunately, after the first few episodes, due to an uneventful storyline and Mawra Hocane’s irritating character, Sunehri, the show has essentially fallen flat on its face.  After Sunehri turns Aahil into the police, the entire story takes a turn for the worst and at present, viewers are watching Aahil’s love story with another girl, Sunehri dealing with the lecherous Shahabuddin and Aaliyah being tortured by Adil.  A show that was described as a small-town, light-hearted romance is exactly the opposite of that.

Mein Na Janoo (Hum TV)

4 Pakistani Dramas That Could've Been Instant Successes – But Weren't

Nehat (Affan Waheed) loves Saira (Sanam Jung).  Saira loves Nehat.  Kiran (Komal Aziz) loves Nehat.  Nehat loves Saira.  Zulqarnain (Zahid Ahmed) loves Saira.  Saira loves Nehat.  Saira marries Zulqarnain.  Nehat gets engaged to Kiran – but continues to pursue Saira.  Saira loves Zulqarnain.  Are you confused yet?  Well, this isn’t even the half of it.  Complete with plotting, nagging, vicious female family members running the household, “Mein Na Janoo” is a show that leaves the viewer wondering “Why would anyone in their right mind sign this show?”  With the exception of Zahid Ahmed, who gets a fantastic opportunity to act as Zulqarnain, there’s nothing of worth or scope in this show.  Rather, it has been dragging on with no logical end in sight.  Is there anything good about this show?  Sure.  It’s entertaining in its absolutely nonsensical storyline, garbage television personified.  Sanam Jung, Affan Waheed, Zahid Ahmed, Komal Aziz, Waseem Abbas….all these actors are beyond shows like this.

Thoda Sa Haq (ARY)

4 Pakistani Dramas That Could've Been Instant Successes – But Weren't

Who are we supposed to be rooting for in this show?  Hareem (Mashal Khan) is engaged to Zamin (Imran Abbas) and they have been in love since childhood.  Zamin attends the wedding of his estranged Chacha’s daughter, Seher (Ayeza Khan) and when her groom doesn’t show up, he is forced to marry her.  She moves into his house as his Chacha’s daughter and the two sneak around, lying about their relationship.  What is Hareem’s fault in this scenario?  Viewers are supposed to want Seher to get her “haq,” but really, her psycho Chachi is right in saying that “Tum ne Hareem ke haq pe daaka maara hai.”  When the love story and the male lead are so repulsive, how can anyone actually enjoy this show?

Bewafa (ARY)

4 Pakistani Dramas That Could've Been Instant Successes – But Weren't

With the talented cast of Ali Rehman Khan (Ahaan), Ushna Shah (Shireen) and Naveen Waqar (Kinza), “Bewafa” should have been something extraordinary.  Instead, it’s yet another story of betrayal, a man taking a second wife and then mistreating his first wife.  The story has been needlessly stretched, focusing on the needless misery being endured by Kinza.  And honestly, we’re all thinking the same thing – considering the amount of threats Shireen gives, why hasn’t Kinza thought yet to keep her phone on record and replay the audio to Arhaan later?  Plot loophole.  At present, there isn’t a more repetitive show than this one with Kinza getting slapped, kicked out and mistreated.  This show does absolutely nothing but raise blood pressures each week.

These are the shows that have been a bit of a let-down this year.  While shows like “Ruswai” and “Jo Tu Chahay” have the potential to be on the list, they still hold positives, which makes them watchable.  Which shows have been the greatest disappointment for you?

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By Sophia Qureshi
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