4 Myths About Dehydration Busted!

4 Myths About Dehydration Busted!

Read these carefully for a healthy summer

With the summer upon us in all its glory, it’s a normal phenomenon to get dehydrated because of the heat. Many people suffer from headaches and fatigue, making it increasingly necessary to consumer plenty of liquids, keeping your body constantly hydrated. A refreshing beverage every once in a while helps your body cope, replenishing it with necessary liquid. Water is an ideal drink to keep your body rejuvenated, but there are plenty of other options that provide health benefits and replace lost minerals, without preservatives.

Here are some simple tips from the experts at Weightmonitor UAE, to ensure you cope well with the heat and stay healthy throughout the summer!

1)      Drink beverages with your meals

4 Myths About Dehydration Busted!

Many of us are unsure about the benefits of consuming beverages during meals. The truth is that there is no need to separate water from solid foods, instead the trick is to sip it in moderation. A plain glass of room temperature water or some green tea is perfectly okay to be had with meals. Squeezing lime or lemon in your water, will help enhance iron and calcium uptake from food, besides adding vitamin C.

2)      How much should one drink?

Another unclear question in everyone’s mind is how much liquid can be consumed during a meal. As per recommendations many would be guilty of not drinking enough water. An adult body requires an average of about 2 – 2.5 litres (8-10 glasses) of fluid daily for your body to stay in balance.

3)      The reasons for dehydration

Thirst may not be a reliable indicator of your fluid needs. Inadequate fluid intake could lead to dehydration. Some of its early signs are poor concentration, lethargy, fatigue and dry mouth. Chronic fluid insufficiency can lead to hyper-filtration in the kidneys, leading to renal disease or stones. Severe dehydration can be dangerous with serious health consequences like nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and can even be fatal. Hence it is vital to remain well-hydrated during the hot dry days. Summer beverages may be a good way to meet your extra needs.

4)      Homemade summer beverages

4 Myths About Dehydration Busted!

An interesting way to keep your fluid intake up is to consume water, along with other beverages. Vegetable juices, buttermilk, coconut or lime water and herbal teas are loaded with electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants which help to fight diseases. They have healing and restorative properties and enhance health and vitality. Bael and rose sherbet, lemonade, mintade, mango mojito, smoothies, litchi juice, cucumber and mint soup and cammomile tea are great summer coolers.

Note- When calorie counting, go sugar free and use alternative sweeteners which taste just as good! Green tea is advisable especially for weight loss.  Boost your immunity with the green power in cabbage, spinach, lemon and coriander. These help with hydration to immune boosting, detoxifying and cleansing tonics. Create your own refreshing ones with these inspiring ideas and just chill this summer!

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