3 Healthy Recipes to Try Out This Weekend

3 Healthy Recipes to Try Out This Weekend

We sure will!

Green Vegetable & Ricotta Tart with Parmesan Crust


• All-purpose flour – 2cups

• Grated Parmesan – ½ cup

• 150grams chilled butter

• 1 whole egg

• A pinch of table salt

• 2tablespoon ice water

For mixing:

• Ricotta – 50grams

• Parmesan - 20grams

• Sliced baby marrow – 1piece

• Green beans – 3 to 4pieces

• Green peas – 30grams

• Rocket leaves -  a handful

• Olive oil - 1tablespoon

• Maldon salt - a pinch


For parmesan crust dough:

Take flour in a mixing bowl and add cold butter cubes. Rub butter & flour together to resemble sandy texture. Add salt, grated parmesan & whole egg. Bind the dough together with help of ice water. Wrap the dough with plastic & chill for at least 30minutes. Roll the dough at 2mm thickness, 20cm each diameter. 

Spread ricotta & parmesan mixed with salt, pepper & oregano. Leaving 1cm on the edge. Fold the dough from sides & cook on a baking paper in a preheated oven at 220degree for 15 to 20 mins.

Once tart is baked, add blanched baby marrow ribbons, blanched green beans & peas, rocket leaves, drizzle some olive oil & Maldon salt on top.

 3 Healthy Recipes to Try Out This Weekend

Spicy Tomato Tacos with Kale, Caramelised Onion, Fried Cashew & Lemon Tahini (vegan)


Taco dough

• All-purpose flour – 3cups

• corn meal flour - a quarter cup

• sundried tomato paste – 4tablespoon

•salt & pepper -  1tablespoon

• sugar 1tablespoon, paprika 1tablespoon, chili flakes – a pinch, oregano- a pinch

• yeast – 1tabelspoon

• warm water – 1cup

• extra virgin olive oil -  2tablespoon

Vegan Filling

• 100gms sautéed kale

• 2 big sliced white onion

• 50grams fried cashew

• 50grams tahini, 1 lemon

• 20grams fried cashew 

• fried sweet potato


For tacos

Mix all the ingredients for tacos except for water & olive oil. Start kneading dough adding water little at a time & finish with olive oil.

Rest the dough for half an hour covered under damp cloth. 

Portion the dough 30gms each, roll and flatten with rolling pill, cook on a flat top. 

For filling

Start Assembling sautéed kale, fried sweet potato chips, caramelised onion (slowly Cook sliced onions with olive oil until golden brown in colour), followed by fried cashews, drizzle with lemon tahini (whisk tahini, lemon juice, ice water, salt in a mixing bowl

 3 Healthy Recipes to Try Out This Weekend

Aubergine & Sweet Potato Coconut Curry with Toasted Pita Bread (vegan)


• Small aubergine – 100grams

• Sweet potato cubes - 100grams

• Red onion - 1whole

• Olive oil – 2tablespoon

• Mustard seeds – 1tablespoon, curry leaves – 3 to 4leaves, turmeric powder – 1tablespoon

• Coriander powder – 1tablespoon, paprika powder – 1tablespoon, desiccated coconut – 50grams, coconut milk 200ml

• Fresh coriander leaves - 50grams

• Toasted coconut flakes – 10grams  


For curry: 

• Heat olive oil, add mustard seeds & curry leaves, once it starts spluttering add chopped red onion & sauté until translucent.

• Add dry spice powder, desiccated coconut, coconut milk & some water to adjust consistency,

• Blend the curry in a vita-mix

Cut small aubergines into half and cook on a hot pan with olive oil, cook until soft, follow same procedure for sweet potato cubes.

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