3 Hair Remedies You Could Do Without

3 Hair Remedies You Could Do Without

Celebrity hairstylist Avan Contractor busts some myths

Putting Henna in Your Hair: Henna is definitely detrimental to your hair. Because of its molecular structure, it coats the cuticle of your hair and can stop other products from working. Even conditioner may not work in your hair because the henna does not allow the product to penetrate the cuticle.

Using Natural Remedies: There are professional products that are just for the hair. A lot of research and development goes into making them. We (B Blunt) have our own line of products and I have been personally involved in developing them so I can vouch for this. There is a lot of science behind these products. Natural remedies like egg and beer are mostly just old wives’ tales

Keratin Treatments: We try to work as much as we can with the natural texture of your hair, we don’t believe in altering your hair texture. Things like Keratin and straightening really take a toll on your hair even though may look good for the time being.