11 Bollywood Stars With Super Quirky Habits!
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11 Bollywood Stars With Super Quirky Habits!

From sticking to strict fitness regimens to tailored eating habits and practicing yoga-based meditation, some B-town stars take their physical fitness extremely seriously. Here is a lowdown of B-town celebs and the good qualities they possess and make an effort to include in their daily lives. Read on and take inspiration from!

They say ‘Old habits die hard’ but for a range of Bollywood celebrities it seems like ‘Good habits die hard’. And that’s a great thing! Incorporating a virtuous habit into one’s lifestyle is not that hard but maintaining it for a lifetime is what is challenging. Everyone has their flaws and no one’s perfect but there are some individuals out there who strive to be better people every single day. From sticking to strict fitness regimens to tailored eating habits and practicing yoga-based meditation, some B-town stars take their physical fitness extremely seriously. On the contrary, there are some entertainment personalities for whom punctuality, organisation and reading are on top of their priority list. Here is a lowdown of B-town celebs and the good qualities they possess and make an effort to include in their daily lives. Read on and take cue!

1. Farhan Akhtar's punctuality

On more than one occasion, the ace filmmaker has expressed the need to be punctual at any event, ranging from a friends’ lunch to a business meeting. Known to arrive on film sets before the scheduled time, Akhtar sees this quality as a “weakness”. This is because while waiting for hours for others to join, he only makes himself suffer and no one else. He wants to be a little less harsh on himself when it comes to being punctual but we feel it is an amazing habit to possess in this fast-paced world! Do you agree?

2. Priyanka Chopra's neat freak habit

PeeCee is known to be a neat freak! From her work pace to her home, everything must be spick and span. She likes to have her things in place instead of running around every day to look for them. An ordered living is what she believes in and we all must to. It not only saves on time but also helps Priyanka to be a happier person. After all, OCD might not be all that bad!

3. Sidharth Malhotra's non-addictive personality

Most people have some sort of addiction that keeps them going or they cannot live without. While we would like to think we’re right, Bollywood actor Siddharth begs to differ. According to him, he keeps away from all kinds of vices and feels it’s the worst feeling to be dependent on something. He has often declared that he does not drink or like alcohol at all. In fact, Sid believes that it should not be used as a means of escape or a stress-reliever. We’re with you on this one!

4. Ranveer Singh's self-involving customs

And no, we do not mean he is overconfident or cannot get over himself. We mean the superstar is self-involved in a good way and there is more than one proof of this! According to the Bajirao Mastani actor, he says a little prayer each time he walks into the sets of his film. It’s his go-to anti-anxiety formula! Not only this, the Bollywood heartthrob also owns different sets of perfumes for every character he plays. While you may think this is going too far now, it clearly works for Ranveer. It apparently helps him to stay with the essence of the character he's playing throughout a film. Good for you, buddy! Keep at it!

5. Akshay Kumar's fitness routine

The Bollywood Khiladi likes to stay fit, not only for his physical outlook but also for the peace of the mind and emotional health. He maintains a chiseled shape by doing things the right way! This means Akshay avoids the use of any supplements, protein shakes and other shortcuts to stay buff. Instead, his focus remains on his martial arts regimen coupled with good eating habits and enough sleep.

6. Hrithik Roshan’s book worm habit

Despite his busy schedule, he keeps track of all the good books and is an avid reader. Hrithik also likes to recommend books to others and often posts on social media about the same. The Krrish star feels reading interesting books helps him to unwind, sit back and relax after a tough day at work. Try it out!

7. Shilpa Shetty Kundra's daily meditation

This lady proves that age is just a number. Even at 44, she is as fit as a fiddle. This is not only because of her strict eating habits that she opened up about in her book The Great Indian Diet but also because of the different types of activities she keeps herself busy with. Out of all, her favourite one is yoga-based meditation. She often heads out to mini yoga retreats that help to make life worth living!

8. Ayushmann Khurrana's stellar hygiene

The actor once said he brushes his teeth at least three to four times a day and has a habit of washing his hands frequently. We love men that keep themselves and their bathrooms clean! Lol!

9. Vidya Balan's no phone habit

Being a celebrity is not easy but where there is a will, there is a way. Defying all odds, Vidya is known to keep her phone far from her reach if she is involved with something else. And in this social media world, we cannot help but greatly appreciate this habit of hers! Unlike many of us – who are not even celebrities – Vidya knows when to keep her phone at bay.

10. Amitabh Bachchan's value for time and discipline

As the biggest megastar of Bollywood, if there's one thing everyone admires about him, it is his disciplined lifestyle. He beats everyone else when it comes to a well-planned day at work or at home. Apparently, Big B has strategically placed wall-clocks and timers throughout his house so that he knows exactly how many hours he needs to spend on what. We’re super impressed!

11. Anushka Sharma’s patience and non-aggressive nature

In an interview before his wedding, Anushka’s husband and cricketer Virat Kohli revealed that she brings out the best in him. And this is all because of her patient and non-aggressive nature. Anushka is known to be practical and maintain proper etiquettes.

We’re sure you had no clue about the superb qualities each of the above mentioned B-town stars enjoy! Whether they’re God gifted or have worked hard on themselves, their individualistic habits are probably what have helped them come a long way – both in their professional and personal lives. No one is saying they’re devoid of flaws but their faults are definitely overshadowed by their outstanding habits which surely make them stand out from the rest. Which quality would you like to adopt? We all have our goods and bads but there is always room for improvement. Say it after us… value time, be disciplined, hit the gym and work on mental health!

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