10 Most Brutal Tweets About Jab Harry Met Sejal

After being trolled endlessly because of its title, check out what fans had to say about the film!
10 Most Brutal Tweets About Jab Harry Met Sejal

Shah Rukh Khan

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Jab Harry Met Sejal finally released and to say the least, it was anything but impressive, or at least we thought so! As fans eagerly awaited the big Shah Rukh Khan release, various tweets and reviews suggested that they were left rather disappointed with the film.

Jab Harry Met Sejal is a film that’s essentially about a Guajarati girl in search for her engagement ring. The film quickly evolves into Sejal wanting to ‘find’ herself through travel, with her tour guide (Harry) by her side. A film that was about looking for a lost ring, and searching for meaning in life, quickly left us looking for the reason we agreed to watch this ‘Mills-&-Boons-gone-wrong-film’ in the first place. Read our review on the film here

Until you figure why Harry Met Sejal to begin with, here are 10 savage tweets (among the millions out there) about the film, that are bound to bring a smile to your face (something that the film should have managed doing). You can thank us later!