Yuvraj Singh parties with Sush Sen

Yuvraj Singh parties with Sush Sen

The cricketer avoided his ex-girlfriend Kim Sharma and hung with Sush
Yuvraj Singh parties with Sush Sen

Kim Sharma

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Former flames Kim Sharma and cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently avoided an 'oops' moment! The cricketer was busy with the mesmerising Sushmita Sen kept Yuvi company at the bash, giving him reason enough to avoid his ex-girlfriend Kim!

A guest present at the 20th anniversary bash of a TV channel narrates, "Yuvraj was enjoying himself at the party and so was the very much married Kim. The moment people realised they were present under the same roof, Kim and Yuvraj were made aware of the situation. From then on they kept a watchful eye to esnure they didn't run into one another. They didn't want another awkward moment like the fashion event of last year, where Yuvraj left the venue on discovering that Kim was there!"

At this particular bash, guests got to see a different side of the cricketer. He's clearly moved on from Kim! The guest spills more, "What surprised everyone was that Yuvi was clearly having a gala time with Sushmita and her gal pals. In fact, he enjoyed the company of a lot of women and was constantly clicking pictures with his other Bollywood friends in his zone. Kim, on the other hand, stuck to her corner and moved about a bit only after a while but was careful to avoid Yuvi."