WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Karan Johar to get married

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Karan Johar to get married

Masala! gets the scoop of the decade!
WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Karan Johar to get married

Karan Johar

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We are still reeling under the shock. Karan Johar, blockbuster filmmaker and one of the most successful and eligible men in Bollywood is getting married. And he spills the beans in the latest issue of Masala! magazine. From what we hear, the lady in question is 31-year-old Vandana Melwani, a gorgeous New York-based girl, the daughter of a family friend.

We now know the secret behind his long disappearances from Bollywood to New York and London, ostensibly to "write scripts" – they were all to meet his lady-love and cement the relationship that took flight almost a year ago. is still trying to gain access to all the juicy details about what is turning out to be the biggest scoop of recent times. After all, if a confirmed bachelor, one who has always maintained over and over again that marriage is not for him, is planning a lavish wedding, then there is definitely reason to celebrate.

We will keep you posted on all the details of the wedding. Meanwhile, grab your copy of Masala! TODAY to get the inside goss and FIRST-EVER pictures. And watch this space for lots more.