What makes your smile perfect?

What makes your smile perfect?

Talking to the man behind the most famous smiles in the world, Dr Michael Apa
What makes your smile perfect?

What are the most common smile concerns clients express?

The first things clients express is that they all want whiter teeth. This is mainly what patients see, it’s not until we get into the details do they see what I see. Just because teeth are white, doesn’t make them perfect.

What is the ideal "look" for teeth in order to appear fresh and clean, but not overly white or fake?

The ideal color for anyone is that fresh bleached look…not to scare you into thinking “Ross Geller” from Friends look.  You have to be realistic with what bleach does…it brightens teeth and makes them look fresh and clean.When you see teeth that are that thick fake white, it’s usually from bad veneers, not bleaching. So when we actually do porcelain veneers, we’re aiming to make it look like you’ve had instant braces and bleaching.

What are some at-home treatments for those who want to whiten, but don't know where to start?

The best investment my patients can make is in an electric toothbrush. For me, electric toothbrushes are mandatory – you have to invest in one. I believe in them so much I designed my own sonic brush, The Apa Sonic White Brush.  It has a full size head, which I prefer, that comes with either super soft bristles or whitening bristles. It has a sleek design that makes your teeth and bathroom counter both look amazing. There’s no point using a manual one because they just don’t clean as well as an electric, it’s as simple as that, those are the facts. They’re on a timer, so you have to brush for two minutes, and they do all the guesswork that we don’t really know how to do with a manual brush.  Another tool I tell my patients to invest in is an at home whitening kit. I created the Apa White Duo, which is an easy way to whiten teeth at home the way professionals do. It’s 20% carbamide peroxide both in a pen dispenser to put on the teeth first, followed by the strip over the teeth, which also has 20% carbamide peroxide.It’s worn for an hour and a half for five days straight with little to no reported sensitivity. It’s truly amazing. IF this doesn’t give you the smile you’re looking for, then go visit the dentist to see what else can be done. It’s also the only counter whitening product available in the UAE.

What makes for the perfect smile?

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder!  Which means, everyone has their own perception of what the perfect smile is. For my patients, their smile has to compliment and balance overall facial harmony.  That means the color, 3-D shape and personality of the smile has to work in the frame in which it sits.  That, to me, is a perfect smile.

If one were to start off fresh, which 5 products should they definitely have in their dental kit?

I’d start out with the Apa Clean White Sonic Brush…as I said, everyone should have an electric toothbrush.  Next I’d say the Apa White Kit, which has special toothpaste with super mineralizing Hydroxyapatite…it’s what teeth are naturally made of.  It also contains the Apa White Rinse, also with hydroxyapatite as well as an antioxidant rich gel for your gums. This is to promote healthy pink gums and take out any swelling or inflammation. Next I’d have the Apa White Duo, which is the only over the counter whitening product available in the UAE as I mentioned, and truly comparable to an in-clinic professional treatment. 

Finally I carry the tooth gloss around with me at all times.  The Apa tooth gloss is a really unique product that was inspired from the runway, where models historically would use Vaseline on their teeth to create a glossy effect for the cameras. It’s meant to be applied all day, every day, directly to the teeth.  It makes the teeth shiny, gives you fresh breath and fights cavities with the addition of xylitol.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t used it that isn’t immediately obsessed. 

What is in, and what is out, in terms of dental trends?

Keeping it natural is the only thing that should ever be ‘in’, right now or in the future.

Who in the world has the most perfect smile? And who doesn’t?

Jessica Alba, who has great natural looking teeth. JLo’s also got great teeth. And of course I’d say Uma Thurman as the work I have done on her makes me really proud. I used to say Tom Cruise is the worst, because he’s had so much work done on his teeth and they still haven’t gotten it right. I just want to slap him and be like “Please just sit in the chair!” (laughs).  But it’s now changed to George Clooney – he can’t even speak properly anymore his teeth are so bad. He fumbles over his words. He had these worn, almost reverse-smile teeth, and someone’s clearly tried to give him this “Hollywood smile”. Now even his voice sounds different. I’d love to have the opportunity to correct this.

Huda Kattan is a fan too!