"We Are All Lying Through Our Teeth": Karan Johar Gets Brutally Honest!

"We Are All Lying Through Our Teeth": Karan Johar Gets Brutally Honest!

The filmmaker bares it all!
"We Are All Lying Through Our Teeth": Karan Johar Gets Brutally Honest!

Karan Johar

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In an industry of fragile egos and exaggerated non-truths, we all need a moral compass of sorts – and Karan Johar has his, in his mentor and friend, filmmaker Aditya Chopra. Karan has no qualms in declaring that the only person in the industry he doesn’t lie to is the YRF honcho!

He opened up about the same on a Saavn audio show, in which he revealed, “Aditya Chopra and I have a really amazing bond when it comes to our opinions. We message and call each other when we love a film, when we don’t, then the silence is meant to be understood. We have this like unfailing protocol that exists between us. The moment I see a film of his and I have not liked it and he has done the same, there will be silence. There is complete silence. And if I love it, I will pick up the phone and he knows that and I know that. I actually get really excited when he calls me and so does he because we don’t talk to each other because we can’t lie. He is never going to lie to me and I am not going to lie to him because he will catch me in that moment and I don’t think Adi is capable of lying. We have that code of silence. Aditya Chopra is the only person I don’t lie to.”

According to Karan, while the industry does have “organically honest people,” they are few compared to the “bunch of big liars”. “There are a host of honest people,” he claims. “If you meet Farah Khan (filmmaker), she can’t lie to you. I don’t know if Farah Khan is capable of lying, so she doesn’t go inside the preview theatre only because like many a time, I know she has walked out and said things in a way that you can catch her.”

Another brutally honest person would be Jaya Bachchan. “There are a few people who cannot be… I know Jaya aunty (Jaya Bachchan), for example, it’s scary to call her because she is going to be really honest. If you call her you got to be ready for it. So, she tells me, she says ‘Karan, I don’t want to see your films at screenings because I won’t be able to lie to you. If I don’t like it, I will tell (you) and I don’t want to upset you’. So, there are those who are also organically honest people and they can’t lie, but the rest of us, we are a bunch of big liars. I mean we are all lying through our teeth and to another level,” he declared.

Wow, that is brutally honest!

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