Top Table: Mango Tree

Top Table: Mango Tree

A priceless ambience, plus yummy Pad Thai and sticky rice with mango and brownies
Top Table:  Mango Tree

If you love Asian food and are looking for a place that is effortlessly understated, chic, upmarket and very reasonably priced, look no further than Mango Tree. Intimate and sleek, with a spectacular view of the inimitable Dubai fountains, the ambience in itself is priceless. My date and I seated ourselves on the balcony on extremely comfortable seats. We went about the business of choosing from the extensive menu and finally settled on the Pad Thai and Green Chicken Curry – standard favourites that I enjoy thoroughly. We decided to be quite gluttonous and get the Chicken Satay as an added side dish to share. The Pad Thai was yummy as it was perfectly smattered with the right amount of peanutty goodness. There are really no words to describe how perfectly delicious my green curry was. Comfort food at its decadent best, the coconut-like, thick broth was just what the doctor ordered to make my belly happy and my taste buds singing in delight. The meal was enhanced by the impeccable service as the waiter dropped by our table every 20 minutes or so to unobtrusively fill our glasses with water and ask if we needed anything more. Dessert, usually not the best part of an Asian meal, turned out to be quite the mouth- watering affair... sticky rice with mango and brownies any chocoholic would swear by, left us wanting to order at least two to three servings more. So yes, we caved in and ordered a second round of the fabulous brownie. Greed did rear its hungry head despite my stomach's overfilled rumblings.

A delicious cup of green tea each later (we were told that it helps in digestion and after the meal we had just devoured, any help in such matters was welcome), we called it a night... and what a fun night it turned out to be! Mango Tree is one of those rare eateries that you frequent several times a week!

Contact: 04 426 7313