Top Table : iZ

In the mood for some great Indian food with a classic touch? This is the place for it!
Top Table : iZ
Iz restaurant

In the mood for some great Indian food with a classic touch? Head to iZ, the tapas-style contemporary Indian eatery, at the Grand Hyatt in Oud Metha. The dcor, consisting of awood and stone dining room, gives the entire space a unique modern meets traditional feel. In many ways, it aptly reflected our mood for a Tandoori-meets-European dining experience when we were there for a meal recently.

We have always been in love with the concept of iZ – choosing a number of small, tandoori dishes from the menu that arrive in the order that they are cooked, quite like Indian tapas. And the best part is that each time you feel that there's something new to try.

I ordered my favourite dish – poppadums and exciting dips though the spicy pickles and sweet mango chutney looked very welcoming too. My friend tried the salmon tikka, a unique preparation that was spicy and soft and tasted rather exotic as did the succulent skewered-roasted prawns. We love how they get it right each time! To add to the experience, there was a rather interesting variety of naans and other mini-breads on offer. Needless to say, it only whetted our appetite for more.

Tandoori delicacies aside, what's an Indian meal without the eternal favourite – biryani? For a change, we decided to opt for the vegetable biryani instead of the regular meat-based one. And it turned out to be a pleasant surprise with the apricots, cashewnuts and figs lending a rich flavour to the rice.

Soon it was time for dessert. A wonderfully tart cherry kulfi and a fruit platter seemed just right after the scrumptious meal that we had just enjoyed. The flavours, the spices and the unique combinations of ingredients – I can't remember the last time I had dishes that flirted with virtually every possible part of the taste-buds.

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