The 'Ugly' Truth

These stars may come across as perfect but their lives have little-known secrets
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The 'Ugly' Truth
Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

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Farah Khan is touted to be writing her biography and it got us thinking – what nuggets of information would the biographies of the most controversy-free stars of Bollywood reveal? We all know that superstars like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have had their share of trouble as their lives have truly been open books. But what about people like Ash, the perfect lady, Aamir, the perfectionist in both his personal and professional lives, Shah Rukh, the perfect family man and Akshay Kumar, the teetotaler and doting hubby? Here are the little touted details that we think should make their tell-all biographies, if they ever had one penned!

Shah Rukh Khan: A superstar's secret
The ultimate superstar wasn't always at the top. What's more, he has another seemingly suspicious secret under his belt as well!

Lucky Break
Yes, Shah Rukh is very successful and extremely talented. But what one doesn't know is how he got his break into super stardom. Shah Rukh was actually not the first choice for Deewana. It was Armaan Kohli who was the director's first preference. Armaan refused the role and Shah Rukh bagged it!

Small Screen Wonder
Shah Rukh is the quintessential movie star but he started his career on the small screen. He was cast in two serials before he got noticed and moved onto bigger and better things. Fauji and Circus were the two shows in which SRK made his mark. Who would have known that B'wood's biggest star's launch was not through some huge blockbuster, but through sheer hard work climbing every rung of showbiz – right from a bit part on a TV show?! Wow!
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Akshay Kumar: The womaniser
Akshay may be a family man now but he had back-to-back relationships, left a lady at the altar and was a player beyond compare.
First girlfriend dumped
It's common knowledge that Akshay was quite the lothario before he got married. However, what is not common knowledge is his very serious relationship with a little-known model, Anu Pal, who he dumped as soon as he hit the big leagues. Remember the movie, Luck By Chance, with Farhan Akhtar and Konkona Sen Sharma? Well, it may have been the movie come to life – man dumps woman as soon as he gets famous. Akshay's case perhaps?
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