The bitter Babita-Randhir Kapoor marriage

Why they were so bitter about each other
The bitter Babita-Randhir Kapoor marriage
Randhir and Babita were madly in love but they had contrasting personalities

Randhir Kapoor, the eldest son of the legendary Raj Kapoor had everything going for him. He was handsome and successful with a bright future ahead of him. His ladylove Babita, a spunky, beautiful and talented actress was his perfect match. Their courtship was blissful and marriage was the next step, despite opposition from their families. Unfortunately, they didn't the find the happiness they hoped for. Their contrasting personalities and differing expectations took a toll on their relationship and they eventually parted ways despite sharing two beautiful daughters, Karisma and Kareena.
YOUNG AND REBELLIOUS LOVERS Randhir's Ploy To Make Babita Acceptable Babita, veteran actress Sadhana's niece and actor Hari Shivdasani's daughter, was the childhood sweetheart of Randhir Kapoor. The duo was madly in love and did quite a few films together. Babita was the sweet devoted girlfriend but insiders say she could be quite dominating. But Randhir didn't mind it during the dating days; what mattered was that they were very fond of each other and serious about getting married. The big challenge was to seek dad Raj Kapoor's approval. In the early 70s, Randhir was working on Kal Aaj Aur Kal with grandfather Prithviraj Kapoor and his father under the RK banner. He smartly signed on Babita as his co-star in the film which was a runaway success and consolidated his position in the industry. As a couple too, they received a lot of attention as their chemistry worked big time on the screen. Sources say this was a bold move on Randhir's part in more ways than one. He actually got his father to share screen space with his girlfriend in the hope that he would get to know her better. The elder Kapoor had no problems working with Babita but he certainly wasn't comfortable with the idea of her as his bahu.
Babita's Ultimatum Babita and Randhir continued to see each other and soon, like any other girl, she demanded that they take their relationship to the next level. Randhir was keen as well but there were problems at home and he wanted some time. Finally, Babita reportedly gave him an ultimatum to marry her by January 1972 or break off with her if he couldn't commit. Dabboo (Randhir's pet name), known to be a little intimidated by his girlfriend, didn't think twice before agreeing to marry her on the dotted line and even before the deadline!


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