Summer Lovin'

Wedding planners Zainab Alsalih and Leena Alsulaiman give you some very useful pointers!
Summer Lovin'

1. Opting for an outdoor wedding this summer? Do consider renting mist fans or portable AC units. Marquees and tents do provide a good alternative to ballrooms and indoor venues but they need to beat the heat. For indoor weddings too, make doubly sure that the venue is well air-conditionedand ventilated.

2. Remember to work around summer travel dates as most people choose to travel during the hotter summer months. Since summer is prime time for family vacations, plan way ahead to make sure you send out a save-the-date, so that all your best guests can be there.

3. Summer weddings lend themselves well to a less formal setting, so think casual and down-to-earth. Opt for fresh and natural dcor elements such as shells, fruits and even butterflies. Your colour palette should be bright and bold and fun. Think yellow, orange, pink laced with blues and greens. Consider more laidback music like that of a DJ, a saxophonist or a swing band.

4. Opt for a buffet rather than a seated dinner. Think of lighter and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables like berries, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, seafood and lean poultry like chicken. Between courses, serve a light sorbet and include an ice-cream station in the dessert buffet. Live cooking stations are also very popular for summer weddings.

5. Popular summer wedding venues include a beach, garden, rooftop, backyard or even a private yacht!

6. Think of environment-friendly favours like potted plants or flower seeds. Is it a beach wedding? Then flip flops would be the perfect gift!

7. Summer brides should opt for a smaller, compact bouquet as it will hold up in the heat better than a cascading one.