Starry Fantasies

Sonam wants to elope, Minissha dreams of Greece and Jacqueline wants to fly to Paris
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Starry Fantasies
Sonam Kapoor

More than the first kiss, the first boyfriend, the birthday and proms, the most important day in a woman's life is her wedding day. She treasures and cherishes it for the rest of her life as it opens up a new chapter altogether. It is the day when the bride is at the centre of all attention. Every girl has a vision of how her wedding day should pan out – her dream outfit, her look, and the celebrations. Some of our fave Bollywood girls tell us what they would like for their wedding...

Sonam Kapoor
I am a hard-core Punjabi and we all know how elaborate a Punjabi wedding can be with all the ceremonies and rituals associated with a marriage. It's no less than a festival for some of us!

So even if I want something simple, I probably wouldn't be able to escape the grandeur and the drama that is an inevitable part of our weddings! Of course, I have a dream to be the most beautiful bride in the world but ideally I would like to get married by running away from everything and everyone! I just want my wedding to be simple, intimate and very, very special.

It should just be me and my would-be husband in a romantic cottage, somewhere in the hills but far away from the madding crowds!

Minissha Lamba
I have been fascinated by fairytales right from my childhood. The beautiful princess in a white gown, her knight in shining armour and the way she is swept off her feet by him is stuff that I have grown up reading and fantasising about.

It's no wonder then that I love the romance of a white wedding. I also have very exotic and elaborate plans for my wedding, whenever it happens!

My dream marriage would be a Christian wedding ceremony held in an old, romantic cathedral. The location would be fabulous too – how about Greece? I fell in love with it when I travelled there and I can't think of a more romantic destination to say 'I do' with the man I love.

But I am also a fun-loving girl and while tradition and romance is alright, there have to be some fun elements to my wedding too. Thus, after the cute and emotional ceremony at the church, I would lead all the guests present for a rocking party on the beach. There would be music, great food, fantastic breeze and an ambience that spells fun in capital letters! It would be a bash for just the people I care and love the most in the world.

Here, on the sandy shores, we would drink, dine and dance into the wee hours of the morning. It should be the ideal beginning for a whole new phase in my life. How's that for a memorable wedding party?

Amrita Rao
I may have acted in a movie called Vivah but I am pretty sure that my own vivah would be a very simple one. It should be private affair simply because I believe a marriage is a very personal moment for an individual. I don't believe in sharing it with all and sundry. I only want people who would be genuinely happy for me to
be present.

The only thing I am particular about is the venue. The location for the ceremony can be anywhere in the world but it must be stunning – be it a beach or a mountain or a buzzing city like New York or London! I also have certain ideas about the rituals and traditions to be followed on the day. For instance, I had a friend who had female priests present at her wedding. One priest would recite the rituals in Sanskrit while the other would translate it into English. It was beautiful. I might opt for something similar. Having said all that, it's still a 'fantasy' wedding. The day when I do get really married is still very far off! And who knows it might turn out to be different from the one I have planned.

Shahana Goswami

I am free-spirited person, I do not believe in meaningless rituals or ceremonies. Of course I do believe in the institution of marriage and respect it a lot.

A wedding, in my opinion, is an occasion to cherish forever for all those involved. It's a moment that one should share with people who care about you and are genuinely happy for you. So whenever I get hitched, I would opt for a simple, yet a different and special wedding. 'Different' does not mean 'grand' in my dictionary. No big, fat shaadis with a whole lot of band, baaja, baarat for me please!

In fact, the most important thing on my list is location. I can't bear the idea of a ceremony in some jazzy five-star hotel or a similar hall. I am a total mountain person so whenever I get married it must be in a place which abounds in natural beauty – probably in the foothills of the Himalayas! The greenery, the peace and serenity around, and the whole ambience would be perfect for the small ceremony I have in mind.

The guest list would be pretty small too, just close family and friends who would be witness to my sweet, simple wedding day! The rules will be – no rules! I don't dream of designer outfits or expensive jewellery. There will be no dress codes for the attendees too. People can wear anything they wish to as long as they are happy for me and have fun at the venue.

As a bride though, I will probably wear a sari as I am fond of traditional wear. It can be an elegant traditional kanjeevaram or even a stylised, lace sari! But I prefer the sari to a lehenga any day. But no excessive jewellery please, my entire look on the day will be very sober. Who wants a bride dressed up like a Christmas tree? Of course, the best aspect of the day would be the singing and dancing because that's what makes a wedding complete!

Jacqueline Fernandes
Which girl wouldn't want a gorgeous wedding – a ceremony that people would talk about for days after it's over! The idea of a dream wedding with all the music, food, fun, people and the paraphernalia is something that every girl dreams of right from her childhood.

If I were to choose my dream wedding venue, it would definitely be Paris. Each time I visit the city, I fall in love with it. The grand museums, the roads, the cafs and the genteel atmosphere makes it an ideal place for love and romance to flourish. I now know why people call it the most romantic city in the world. I simply love the vibe of the French capital city. However, I am only finicky about the city. I am not too keen on having a grand ceremony. In fact, a simple church wedding anywhere in this beautiful city would suffice for me! What matters is that every moment of the day should be special for me and my husband. The wedding should be followed by a great meal and lots of laugher and chatter over some fabulous French meal.

Needless to say, I would be very particular about the people that would attend my wedding. It should not become a big Bollywood tamasha! So just a few of my family members and close friends with whom I share a special bond, would be invited! I have always believed that a marriage should be a very private affair between the two people who are in love and want to share the rest of their lives together.

Vaishali Desai

I love grand weddings. But my own marriage need not be so ostentatious. Given a choice, I would like it to have both, traditional and modern elements. Hence the rituals would be very traditional but the venue can be a beach. I would prefer a deserted strip of beach in Bali or a similar exotic location where there would be no other people except the two families.

Being a Gujarati, I'd be expected to wear a lehenga but I prefer a dress in white or bright yellow, two of my favourite colours. The decor should have a lot of flowers and silk drapes. I will definitely hold a wedding reception in Mumbai where the colour theme would be aubergine or red. At the end of the day, I just want to enjoy the process of organising my wedding with my would-be husband and my family.

Zarine Khan
I am a total beach person. And I believe there can be nothing more romantic than spending time with your boyfriend or husband on a beach on a sunny day.
Not surprisingly, my fantasy wedding is also a beach ceremony with a few close friends. Fun should be uppermost on everyone's mind hence I would just want a small group. Big weddings are great to attend but too stressful to organise and manage! They look good only in Bollywood movies like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun or Hum Saath Saath Hain!

The venue for my wedding can either be Goa or Maldives or Mauritius – I love each of these destinations for their gorgeous, sun-kissed beaches. I can't get enough of them whenever I travel there, be it for a shoot or a holiday. The vibe, the mood and the entire feel of a place like Goa is very different.

What I like about these destinations is that you can be yourself and let your hair down. There are no formalities and the bridal couple as well as their guests can just chill and relax. There would be lots of yummy food (I guess I will forgo my strict training and indulge in all the delicacies for one day) and some great music for everyone to swing to after the ceremony. Needless to say, I would want this party to go on for many days so perhaps my wedding can be held over a long extended winter weekend!

In fact, as long as there is sun, sand and my husband-to-be, and people who are happy for me, I wouldn't mind anything on my wedding day. There need not be any rules or regulations or specific rituals to follow. The agenda should be fun and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.