Sonakshi Sinha's Cricket Secret

Sonakshi Sinha's Cricket Secret

In Dubai for a CCL announcement, the star told who she'd pick to be in her team
Sonakshi Sinha's Cricket Secret
Sonakshi Sinha in Dubai

Sonakshi Sinha

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Wearing a sports jersey, blue jeans and the kind of glowing skin that's a movie heroine prerequisite, Sonakshi Sinha had all eyes on her the moment she entered the ballroom in the Zabeel Saray where the press conference announcing the second season of the Celebrity Cricket League happened today (November 12).

Sonakshi's one of the brand ambassadors for the Mumbai Heroes team (as is Kangna Ranaut), and it was easy to see her camaraderie with Sohail Khan, who owns the team, and captain Suniel Shetty. The 'Dabangg' actress was seated in the front row with other VIP guests when she first came in, but seeing Sohail and Suniel move to the second row, she headed to where they were sitting. Soon enough she was chatting away with the duo (not even sitting, but standing and leaning on a chair), sharing pics on her mobile, and having a laugh. Later, once Mumbai Heroes' Icon Player Salman Khan arrived, it was time for more fun with all the other celebs there.

Sonakshi's friendliness wasn't restricted to her celeb friends, she was just as pleasant chatting with us. Shatrughan Sinha's daughter is one of those stars who actually asks 'How are you?' before we ask her. And she's a fun person to interview – just check out which actresses she'd include in her cricket team and why! Plus, she might have her own IPL team some day - we see it happening! Sonakshi did say that everybody needs Lady Luck on their side (explaining why she's a brand ambassador for the team), and we think this star makes her own luck. Here's more from our meeting with Sonakshi

If women were playing in the Celebrity Cricket League, which Bollywood actresses would you pick for the Mumbai Heroes team?
I'd pick myself first (laughs). Then Esha Deol – I know she plays football. She's also got a competitive edge, so she'd be a good choice. Bipasha Basu is so fit herself - I think she'd be great too.

Were you able to watch a lot of Mumbai Heroes matches last season?
I did, and it was so much fun. There's so much energy at a cricket match, that even though out team lost, it was great to be there. Of course, I'm hoping that we win this season. We're very excited about the matches which will happen in Sharjah on January 13-14, 2012.

Did you play cricket growing up?
I actually played volleyball but of course I followed cricket, as I think every Indian does. I still watch quite a lot of cricket. I prefer the 20-20 format – it's a lot of fun! And I really enjoy the IPL.

Which IPL team do you support?
The Mumbai Indians, of course!

Have you ever thought of buying an IPL team? Do you see it as something that you want in the future?
Honestly, I hadn't thought of buying one until now. But now that you've asked me, it would be interesting. And it's actually a good business prospect too.

Who are your favourite sportstars?
Sania Mirza, who's also a friend, is my favourite. And how can one not have Sachin Tendulkar on the list? Among the younger lot of cricketers, I also like Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli.