Shah Rukh Khan honoured by UNESCO

Shah Rukh Khan honoured by UNESCO

He had a blast at the gala in Dusseldorf!
Shah Rukh Khan honoured by UNESCO
Shah Rukh Khan at the UNESCO gala in Dusseldorf

Shah Rukh Khan

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Fresh from the success of 'RA.One', Shah Rukh Khan is ready for more accolades. And this time, it's a biggie! Shah Rukh was honoured by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) for his kindness (yes, that's what it was!). He's the first Indian to get the special UNESCO award, and he's had a great time at the gala in Dusseldorf.

SRK, who was at the gala with his son Aryaan posted on his Twitter page, "Gala at dusseldorf. The Unesco award is called Pyramide con Marni and I am super excited cos education for kids is most dear cause to me. Will get to see Edwin Moses...Clive Owen...Turner...Whittaker. 6yrs ago came to dusseldorf had a great nite out...look forward to another."

Shah Rukh continued about the achievers and celebs he would be meeting, "Gorbachev...Naomi Campbell...Whittaker...Dr. Ohoven has done such a grand job. Chris De Burgh just sang...having a different kind of fun..."

But the most exciting time for the Indian superstar was when he met a martial arts star. "Wow!!, my son will think I am way cooler than anybody...I got to meet my star Mr. Jet Li. Yay!"

There's more fun up ahead for SRK. He went on to add, "Next stop Morocco..marrakesh...its good not to be working and just thots..."