Sanjay Dutt a changed man!

Sanjay Dutt a changed man!

The former bad boy may be influenced by his co-star in 'Peekay' Aamir!
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Sanjay Dutt a changed man!

Aamir Khan

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Stars and five-star perks go hand in hand – normally! But get a load of this Sanjay Dutt and Aamir are roughing it out all the way in Rajasthan! The two are on location for Raju Hirani's 'Peekay', in the way out but breathtaking village of Mandwa. It's situated a few hours away from Jaipur, hence not close to any five-star hotel. But Raju is so in love with the location that Aamir and Sanju have decided to indulge their director to the hilt!

The unit has been put up at a two-star hotel in Mandwa with just the basics for guests and Aamir and Sanju are staying there too. Best part is there's not a word of complaint from either of these top stars. In fact, a source BBM-ed us to say that Sanju is a changed man! He reports to the sets at 8am and even works out before to arrive bang on time. Naturally we're not going to say anything about Aamir's punctuality – that's legendary!

Incidentally there's no bad blood between Sanju and Arshad Warsi as was believed with 'Peekay'. SD has not stepped into Arshad's role but has one of his own that's currently top secret! Our source insists, "Sanju baba's role is a major highlight 'Peekay'"