Salman slaps fan at party

Salman slaps fan at party

Here's what happened at Anil Kapoor's b'day bash
Salman slaps fan at party
Salman at Anil Kapoor's birthday party, where the incident happened

Salman Khan

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Here's the latest instance of Salman Khan's unpredictable behaviour leading to an 'incident'. At Anil Kapoor's birthday party recently, Salman slapped a fan who came up to him.

The entire Khan family - including Salman's dad Salim and brothers Arbaaz and Sohail - were invited to the party. While Salim and Sohail Khan reached Anil Kapoor's house together, and were taken in by the birthday boy himself, Salman arrived a little later. And just as he was getting out of his car, a fan rushed towards Sallu and hugged him, and kissed him. Salman's instant reaction to this show of affection - one tight slap!

It seems a TV channel got footage of all that happened, and this angered Salman even more. He got his security guys (as well as Anil Kapoor, who was out by then) to get the TV guys to delete the footage they had.

There were no comments from Salman or Anil about the incident, but apparently Sallu's defence is that no one, fans included, should be so forceful with a star. Well, we're sure after this incident, fans will be extra-careful about approaching Salman.