Salman Khan: The Saviour

Salman Khan: The Saviour

Here's how he came to Mugdha Godse's rescue
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Salman Khan: The Saviour
Salman Khan

Mugdha Godse

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Mugdha Godse seems to have found her guradian angel in Salman Khan. Sallu is known to go out of his way to help friends in the industry and out of it, and now Mugdha joins the club of celebs who've been helped by the superstar Khan. Here's what happened.

It's been several years since Mugdha acted in Madhur Bhandarkar's movie 'Jail'. The film tanked at the box office and did nothing for her career. Also, the actress wasn't even paid her entire fee for the movie. Apparently, the producers owed her Rs 6 lakhs and she hadn't received the amount despite several reminders to them.

This had been bothering Mugdha a lot, and she mentioned it to Salman when they bumped into each other at a cricket match. Salman immediately went up to a representative of the producers and asked why Mugdha hadn't been paid her dues. That's all it took! After Salman's conversation, the payment was made to Mughdha in a few hours.

That's the power of Salman Khan. Mind it!