Salman Khan is unwell again

Salman Khan is unwell again

The actor's backache almost led him to drop out of performing at CCL
Salman Khan is unwell again

Salman Khan

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The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Season 3 opening ceremony turned out to be a mind blowing show opener with Salman Khan's performance. But few people know that he almost risked his back while performing for his fans and other celebrities. Salman performed to a few dance numbers from 'Dabangg 2' despite a severe backache.

Initially he had almost planned to drop out of the show. But then he decided to not let his fans down and instead of following any rehearsed steps, he performed in his unique style without hurting his back! He even told the audience, "I don't know the steps properly. People here are all friends from the film fraternity so I hope they'll enjoy whatever I do".

Well, his friends from the industry seemed more than happy that Salman performed. But Aftab Shivdasani gave him a fright. He headed with open arms to greet Salman who instantly yelled, "Don't hug me too tight. I have a back ache!"

Salman's fans love whatever he does, so when asked if they would get to see him play a match or two, he smiled and said, "I'd love to but my health condition doesn't permit. I'm always with the team, but I'm not sure if I will ever play."