Saifeena bonds with Aamir

The newly marrieds and the Ace Khan's secret meetings in Lucknow revealed
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Saifeena bonds with Aamir

Kareena's little three-day getaway trip to Lucknow to spend quality time with Saif (who is shooting for 'Bullet Raja' there) proved twofold! Besides relaxing with Saif, she also put in a bit of work on the promos of 'Talaash' with the team. During that time, Aamir and the 'Talaash' team were also in Lucknow. Kareena and Saif decided to spend the evenings, catching up with good friends Aamir and producer Ritesh Sidhwani.

Lucknow being famous for its mouth-watering treats, the abovementioned actors decided to source out the best food joints and gorge! In particular they visited a local dhaaba known for a special dish, tunde kabab. The foursome had a great time dining at the dhaaba as they gorged on various delicacies.

Aamir is being more than generous with Kareena's time with her new hubby, since he's very fond of her. At an earlier promo event he said, "Someone is missing (Kareena) but we don't mind since she's recently married. We wish her the best..."

But since the business of Bollywood must go on, Bebo's back in Mumbai to get into serious promotion for 'Talaash' this week. After all, the film does hit the box-office this Friday and everyone's looking forward to yet another bold performance from Bebo!


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