Rani and Vidya uncensored

Rani and Vidya uncensored

Masala.com met up with the two fiery stars in Dubai and grilled them about each other
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Rani and Vidya uncensored

Rani Mukerji

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We are at the Park Hyatt to meet two of Bollywood's most powerful actresses of present times - Rani Mukerji and Vidya Balan, the ladies who boast of killer smiles and better acting chops. They are aggressively promoting their next release 'No One Killed Jessica' and rumour mills have been abuzz for a while now about the one up(wo)manship between the two. But rumours can go for a toss, Rani and Vidya display perfect bonhomie and warmth along with their designer dresses and smiles. But then they aren't known as fabulous actresses for nothing, aren't they? Here's a tete-a-tete.

What is the big lesson you have learnt from each other?
Rani: The lesson I have learnt from Vidya is that you can suck your thumb with a lot of passion, as if your life depended on it. What powerful conviction she brings while doing it!
Vidya: Huh, she can go on and on about that scene from 'Ishqiya'! I can't better that answer! Well, Rani has taught me that it is possible to use expletives like it's your second nature. Just watch her in the film!

What do you admire most about each other?
Rani: Well, what do I say about her? Vidya is beautiful, intelligent and very smart. She knows what she wants from life.
Vidya: I like Rani's ability to switch off and on, in a jiffy. I mean, she would be rolling on the floor with laughter one moment. And when the director says 'action', she would be there giving her best shot. It's amazing how she does it.

What irritates you most about each other?
Rani: The fact that she drinks so much coffee! She's not keeping too well and coffee makes it worse. Moreover, it dehydrates your skin completely. Another thing that annoys me so much is her constant chattering on the phone.
Vidya: What irritates me about Rani? That I have to hide my coffee from her!

If you had to give one element of your personality to the other, what would it be?
Rani: In terms of work, I would tell Vidya to ease off a bit. She's a method actor most of the times. Of course, she has her spontaneous moments too, but she's still takes her work a bit too seriously. She thinks a lot. I would want her to chill and just take it easy.
Vidya: What can I say about her? No advice at all, she's perfect!

What in your opinion is the best scene in 'No One Killed Jessica'?
Rani: There is this scene in the film where she breaks down on the terrace. I think Vidya performed it brilliantly.
Vidya: I like the scene (it's also there in the promos), where Rani is jumping at the bonnet of a car and screams that justice has been denied. It was quite an intense scene.

What is your favourite film of each other?
Rani: In terms of films, it's 'Paa'. But I personally would choose her performance in 'Ishqiya' as her best. It's easy to play all white or all black characters, it's those roles with the grey shades that are the most difficult to perform. And that's what Vidya did in 'Ishqiya'.
Vidya: 'Bunty Aur Babli'. Just for the sheer fun and spunk Rani brought to her role.