Preity Zinta's film to have a French premiere

Preity Zinta's film to have a French premiere

Reports say Isabelle Adjani's Indian look has created a stir in Paris
Preity Zinta's film to have a French premiere
Preita Zinta

Preity Zinta

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Preita Zinta who has turned producer with the film 'Ishkq in Paris' has apparently chosen to screen her maiden production in Paris and not in Mumbai as was earlier planned. Reports say actress Isabelle Adjani's Indian look in the film has created quite a stir there. Isabelle has been featured in saris, ghagra-cholis, bindis and bangles in top French publications, including the country's largest-selling news weekly 'Paris Match'.

So much so the film's makers have decided to hold a grand Indo-French premiere in Paris instead of Mumbai as was earlier planned. And governments of both countries are being taken into confidence to ensure a smooth event that comes across as a symbol of cultural amity between India and France.

Director Prem Raj Soni confirmed the news and said, "We're now going to have the premiere in Paris. Isabelle has been all over France in her Indian look. There's tremendous buzz about India and Indian cinema in France. We'd like to be part of this excitement. Ours is the first Indian film to be covered in the mainstream French press."

He said a list of invitees is being readied. "Isabelle will draw up the list of invitees from Paris. Preity will be taking care of the list of guests from India who will be attending the Paris premiere."

Meanwhile, a source revealed, "Ishkq In Paris is being premiered on October 4 or 5 in Paris. Political dignitaries from the highest level from India and France are expected to attend. Isabelle is even using her clout to invite the French President Francois Hollande for the premiere."