PICS: Inside Kangana Ranaut's Swanky Home

PICS: Inside Kangana Ranaut's Swanky Home

Pictures of the queen inside her castle!
PICS: Inside Kangana Ranaut's Swanky Home

Kangna Ranaut

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Kangana somehow always manages to make it to the headlines, either with her awe-inspiring performances or her bold give-a-damn attitude. This time, she has managed to catch our attention with some pictures of her sweet home that we spotted on Architectural Digest.

The actress who otherwise chooses to keep her private life under covers, has opened the doors of her home, giving us a glimpse of where she lives and dreams! We must say we’re spell bound! The inspiring interior detailing and the unique choice of furniture go hand in hand with the actresses’ personality. From elements that go way back to her Himaliyan roots to hip statement pieces of furniture, she has it all! They say your home is a reflection of who you really are, and we would completely agree in this case.

However, we won’t lie, we were expecting to see a thing or two on the darker side, but were pleasantly surprised with all the happy vibes the place gave off!

Let us give you a little tour of her swanky apartment:

Kangana’s adobe was redesigned by interior designer, Richa Bahl who got a very simple straight forward brief from the actress to work on. Kangana expressed her desire to have a mountain feel with a lot of greenery and colour, again rooting back to her roots, and we think Richa did a great job executing it. What do you think?