'People were genuinely concerned'

'People were genuinely concerned'

Aishwarya Sakhuja, from 'Saas Bina Sasural', is back on TV after battling health problems
'People were genuinely concerned'

You were on a break because of your recent health scare. How is your health now?
I had a lump on my shoulder and was out of action for a few months but I've recovered completely. The phase made me realise that I can't take my body for granted. Earlier, I would work 12 to 15 hours at a stretch and had no life beyond work. Now I plan my work keeping my health in mind.

Have you incorporated any major changes in your lifestyle?
I haven't given up on food (laughs)! But I eat right and I eat on time. I ensure I take proper rest when I need to.

What are you busy with currently?
I've just finished shooting for Welcome: Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki, an upcoming show on Life OK. I am looking forward to something new, but nothing has been finalised yet. I like to do non-fiction shows because they end within a stipulated time.

Welcome: Baazi is a show that involves cooking; how good a cook are you?
I don't know how to cook! But I am sure I will enjoy it a lot. As of now, I am just excited and nervous about the show.

Do you miss being in Saas Bina Sasural?
Of course I do but every ending leads to a new beginning. Right now, I am looking forward to starting this new journey in life.

The show didn't do well after your exit. How does it feel to have made such a big impact?
It feels good! But I think the TRPs started to fall when the time slot was shifted from 10pm to 9pm. I doubt if it had something to do with me!

How upsetting was it when people believed you had a brain tumor when you fell ill just because your character Toasty was suffering from it?
Well, if people actually do take these rumours seriously, it means I am more popular than I thought I was! So I take that as a compliment. Actually I had to get operated for a lump growing on my collar bone. Luckily, it was not malignant. I really appreciate the fact that people were genuinely concerned and cared about me.

Is working on a reality show better than working on a fictional show?
I like reality shows because you don't have to drape a sari (laughs)! Also, they don't last for too long like daily soaps! Being a part of a reality show is really great! It's a welcome change from what I have done so far.