Masala! Interviews Vishal Karwal

"Play real and be good!" says the Bigg Boss contestant, who's making his B'wood debut now
Masala! Interviews Vishal Karwal
Vishal Karwal

Bigg Boss contestant Vishal Karwal will now be seen on the big screen opposite Priyanka Chopra's cousin Meera in a Vikram Bhatt production. Masala! meets the latest actor to move from TV to films!

What did you do before you entered television?
I never wanted to act; I am a trained pilot. Television happened by accident. I was offered good shows and I enjoyed what I was doing. So I continued with it. Now, I do not see myself becoming a commercial pilot or taking it up as a profession. But I love flying and would like to retain it as a hobby.

Do you find any change in yourself post Bigg Boss 6?
I haven't exactly changed after Bigg Boss 6 but I have become much stronger than before. With so many mad people around, it's quite a task to keep calm (laughs)!

What's advice would you would give someone who decides to be part of the next season of Bigg Boss?
Just be yourself; nobody is perfect. People always appreciate honesty. If you are taking part in reality shows – play real and be good.

How choosy are you when it comes to selecting a TV show?
There are TV shows which end up in politics, love triangles or saas-bahu dramas which are stereotyped. I hope the scenario changes after Anil Kapoor's 24; he is bringing a change in genre. Male actors generally do not have many options on TV. Most shows are female-oriented.

How excited are you about your big screen debut in Vikram Bhatt's next horror film?
I am thrilled to be part of Vikram Bhatt's third part of '1920'. It will be a different debut as opposed to a conventional romantic one. I am really looking forward to the shoot of this film.

If there was something you could change something about the television industry what would it be?
I would like to get rid of daily soaps where scripts change every day according to the demands of TRPs.

What's in the pipeline after your Punjabi film 'Aapan Pher Milaange'?
'Aapan Pher Milaange' is my first Punjabi film. I have already begun shooting for my second Punjabi film.I am not doing this for money but because I want to do some good work in the film. We are shooting in Ladakh, Chandigarh and London; the story is really good and I enjoyed working in it.


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