Manish Paul's TV success mantra

Manish Paul's TV success mantra

The popular host dishes on his love for improv and his ultimate aim
Manish Paul's TV success mantra
Manish Paul

Manish Paul, who has become one of the most sought after hosts on Indian TV, says he doesn't like being restricted by the script and tries to improvise on stage.

"I don't like being restricted by a script and people have realised this now. They just give me the gist and let me do my work myself. It's good to see that people have confidence in me now and I consider it my earning," Manish said.

Manish's tryst with anchoring began with 'Wheel Ghar Ghar Mein', in which he used to visit people's houses. After that he replaced Jay Bhanushali as the anchor on Zee TV's dance reality show 'Dance India Dance' (DID).

"When I was given DID, I had to prove a point but I was bound by the script and used to do everything according to it. I was not satisfied. Finally, after two-three episodes, I went up to the creative team and asked them to let me be myself on the show for sometime. They had confidence in me and let me do my work. The end results were good and everyone was happy," he said.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Manish came to Mumbai in 2005 as an RJ and later began acting with the TV show 'Ghost Bana Dost'. He has also done shows like 'Chhoona Hai Aasmaan', 'Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi' and most recently 'Pyaar Mein Twist'.

Manish also participated in shows like Sony's 'Comedy Circus' and Zee TV's 'Star Ya Rockstar' and the actor says his aim is to make people smile.

"I have never insulted anyone on my show. I am an entertainer and I enjoy being one. Whatever roles I get, I feel that's the best for me. So I try to do it properly. I can't say which one I enjoy the most as all of them are my favourites. My sole aim is to make the person sitting in front of me smile," he said.

After spending over five years in the industry, the actor is happy with his journey.

"I wouldn't say it has been tough, but it hasn't been easy also because there were times when I didn't have a car and being from Delhi it was difficult for me to travel in local trains. I travelled in bus, some times walked back home or to work to save money," he said.

"But the industry has accepted me in a great way. God has been really kind. People have loved me and I work with all honesty," he added.