Kareena Kapoor sticks to her commitment

She made it to an event despite missing her flight!
Kareena Kapoor sticks to her commitment

Many thought that Kareena's career in Bollywood might come to a halt post her marriage but that's definitely not the scene! As Bebo maintained earlier, she would not stop working after marriage and her recent activities prove how serious she is!

While some celebs drop out of events due to lack of time management, Kareena, on the other hand, goes the extra mile to keep her commitment. Recently, during the promotion of a cold drink brand she endorses, the actress was stuck at the Chandigarh airport for five long hours when her plane got delayed due to other aircraft emergency landings. While any other celeb might have opted to cancel the event, Kareena chose to drive down to Delhi where the event was scheduled. The actor, who is the brand ambassador for Limca, chose to do this since she had made a commitment to attend the event.

It's no wonder filmmakers are impressed with her. Prakash Jha, who has signed her for his film 'Satyagraha' , is going all out to accommodate Bebo. She plays a journalist in the film and apparently, Jha is setting up a state-of-the-art newsroom set in Bhopal for the shooting, just to facilitate Ms. Kapoor-Khan!


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