Kangna Ranaut spends time with ex Adhyayan Suman

The former lovers patch things up
Kangna Ranaut spends time with ex Adhyayan Suman

Some people just can't be mad at each other forever and such people include Kangna Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman. According to sources, "The former lovers were seen spending time with each other on the sets of Adhyayan's next movie, 'Dehraadun Diary'." Everyone on set was quite shocked to see them being so cordial with each other, especially after Adhyayan once said after their split that "one cannot be friends with a person they break up with." Could this be the start of something new??? Or are they just back on again?

The couple began dating after they worked together on Mohit Suri's 'Raaz -The Mystery Continues'. However, after some time they decided to call it quits, which resulted in a long separation of the two and Adhyayan's quote. But things seem to have changed after Kangna recently broke up with her British boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty. A source present on set reveals, "Everyone was surprised to see Kangna drop in at Kamalistan Studios where Adhyayan was working on his next project. But what really caught everyone's attention was when the two were more than happy to see each other and went on chatting for an hour. Since they wanted privacy, they spent time together catching up in Adhyayan's vanity van."

An insider believes that Kangna is completely transforming herself as a person; she's helping people out, mending fences with all those she had problems with and even being cordial to ex-lovers! That or this is just an on-off again relationship...


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