Kangna disturbed by mosquito attack!

Kangna disturbed by mosquito attack!

Unfortunately her producer had to bear the brunt of her ire <br />
Kangna disturbed by mosquito attack!

Kangna Ranaut

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Kangna Ranaut appears to be too sensitive. Or perhaps she just wants to act hoity-toity. Recently, the actress was attacked byguess what a mosquito and instead of just keeping quiet and not making a noise about it, she created a huge ruckus.

A source recounts the hilarious sequence of events which eventually turned pretty serious! "This lady was on her way to a suburban studio to dub for her film. The moment she got inside the dubbing studio she was welcomed by a mosquito which bit her plump cheek."

What followed was chaotic. Apparently Kangna started to scream at the top of her voice and insisted that the producer be made aware of what had happened to her. This was followed by the actress giving the director a piece of her mind, reportedly saying that she would never come to this studio in her life again.

The poor producer had to do some damage control. After all, Kangs does play the lead in his film and was attacked by a 'giant creature' judging by her outburst! One hears he cancelled the deal with the studio and had to book another to please his heroine.