Kaka, please get a stylist!

Kaka, please get a stylist!

Maybe daughter Twinkle can help Rajesh Khanna
Kaka, please get a stylist!

Rajesh Khanna

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We love to remember him as Bollywood's first superstar whose good looks sent a million hearts racing and whose wardrobe set off a hundred trends.

But that was in the 1960s and '70s. Rajesh Khanna of today seems like someone else all together.

He shocked us recently with his sleazy role in the even sleazier movie "Wafaa", and now we are shocked to see him in this photo, taken at Mumbai airport on June 10, 2009.

Khanna was on his way to the IIFA Weekend in Macau, China, where he will be honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award on June 13.

But why is he dressed like this? Is there no one to advise him about his look – clothes and the hair?

Daughter Twinkle, who is among the best dressed in Bollywood, needs to urgently step forward and take charge of Dad's wardrobe. Impeccably dressed former wife Dimple Kapadia can pitch in too.

We hope to see Khanna in (at least a part of) his former glory when he steps on the stage to accept his award on Saturday.