'Joker's flop saddened me'

Sonakshi Sinha talks to Masala! about her films, fame and stardom
'Joker's flop saddened me'

Flops don't faze her, controversies don't affect her... Sonakshi handles the downside of fame as well as she does the highs of stardom. Masala! meets the actress for a fun chat...

Sonakshi Sinha is truly her father's daughter. She may have been in the industry for only three years but has the confidence and the poise of a veteran. Ask her any tricky question and she will answer it (or deflect it!) with a winsome smile and charm. Sona has also seen both sides of Bollywood. The highs of Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore were quickly followed by the lows of Joker and the controversy surrounding Son of Sardaar. However, she's taken it in her stride and does not let it affect her optimism.

With the festival season on, an ecstatic Sonakshi sets the ball rolling while chatting up with in crackling conversation with Masala!.

A lot has been said about the clash between Son of Sardaar (SOS) and Jab Tak Hai Jaan (TH both of which released on the same day. Did you have any apprehensions?

Not really because we have put in our best for our film. I am very proud to be a part of Son of Sardaar. I am sure that as great filmmaker, the late Yash Chopra's last movie, they have done a wonderful job with Jab Tak Hain Jaan as well. But I wasn't nervous about the clash. At the end of the day, it's up to the audience; they decide what they want to watch. I have always wished the best for both films.

Which is your favourite Ajay Devgn film?

I love Ajay's films and personally love the Golmaal series which I watch over and again.

Could you tell us something about your role in SOS?

I play Sanjay Dutt's sister - a loud, over-the-top Sardarni girl who is strong, adventurous, fearless and who handles herself very well. It was fun playing the character.

If you were part of neither film - Son Of Sardaar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan - which one would you have watched first?

That is a tough question to answer! I think I would make time to watch both films if I wasn't part of them. I love Ajay's work and I would also like to see what Yash Chopra has done in his last movie. Diwali is a time where you want to have fun and why should I miss out on an opportunity to catch up on both films? They are both unique and would have something different to offer.

Recently Ajay sent you a letter praising your professionalism. What was your reaction to this?

I was thrilled! It came with a huge bouquet of flowers (smiles). It feels good to know that your work is appreciated by people of such high calibre. When your efforts are acknowledged in this way, it pushes you to work even harder. I don't need to be pushed around to do something. I wasn't exactly a bright student but right from my school days, my mum never needed to force me to study or do my homework. I would do it myself! Like her, I also lay a lot of importance on punctuality. However, my dad is never on time; I'm lucky I didn't inherit that trait from him!

Were you nervous about working with Ajay as he is rumoured to be reserved?

Ajay is not reserved at all. He is strict and very dedicated to his work. So when he is shooting, his focus is entirely on his work which is why he comes across as being very quiet and reserved. But at other times, he jokes, fools around and plays pranks on me! Ajay is a brilliant actor and has reached this level only because of his dedication. I enjoyed working with him.

Ajay and you have done a lot of stunts for this film. Which one freaked you out?

Mastering the wheelie on the bike which I had just learned to ride was a little nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, I managed it and needless to say, the scene gave me a huge adrenalin rush. Ajay of course does these stunts so effortlessly. I saw his horse stunt (where he tries to ride two horses at the same time) in the promos and was amazed! It must have been scary but he is fantastic at these action scenes.

You promoted your last film Joker with a lot of gusto. How disappointed were you with the results?

Yes it was a bit saddening when the film didn't do well. But we gave it our best, we had fun working on it and expected it to work at the box office but no one can predict the fate of a film. Perhaps this film didn't meet the expectations of the audience. But I had a great time working on Joker and have no regrets. Failure and success are part of anyone's career; it's important to learn from it and move on.

Did the controversy surrounding Joker (Akshay's fallout with Shirish) affect you?

Not at all! Just because the movie didn't do as expected doesn't mean it affected our relationship. I share a great bond with Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder and nothing has changed after the film. As for Akshay, I can't speak on his behalf and I don't know anything about the fallout.

You're nearly four films old - what are the biggest lessons you have learnt from your co-stars?

I have learnt so much Salman, Ajay, and Akshay including how to be professional on the sets, accept and adapt to characters and situations and handle the pitfalls of fame!

You have been doing many roles where the focus is more on the hero. Are you happy playing arm candy to big actors?

Well I am enjoying these roles thoroughly and they have worked for me so far, no complaints! Everyone has done their share of 'arm candy roles' but I also have had substantial roles in all the films. And to act alongside a big actor is always a high for a newcomer like me. I am thoroughly enjoying the work that's coming my way.

You have had very few link-ups and controversies so far. Are you a good girl or are you smart?

I am a workaholic so I am constantly involved with my work and I don't have time for inanities. As an industry kid, I have learnt a lot from my parents on how to handle myself.

What roles do you wish you had done?

I like the roles I am doing so far and have no wishes as such. The work that's coming my way is good enough for me to grow as an actress.

What scares you the most now that you're getting famous by the day?

I'm not scared of anything because I love what I do. However, it is overwhelming when you're a face that everyone knows and you are in the spotlight constantly. It's a task but I love it.

How do you tackle criticism related to your figure? Do you feel men have it easy when it comes to having a super fit body?

I thrive on criticism because I want to learn as much as I can and grow both, as a person and an actor. It's sad that women are constantly the target but that's how society is. You can't change it because there are people who write about it and make weight such a big issue!

How are things going with Dabangg2?

The shooting of Dabangg 2 is going on in full swing and I am quite excited about it.


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